Inlägg av Ardiana Spahija

Softhouse weekly #4 and Happy Easter

Dear Colleagues, Clients & Community, I want to begin by wishing you all a joyous and happy Easter! What does Easter mean to you? Easter eggs, candy, a holiday, good food and family? For many in Sweden it’s an occasion to cook up a nice lamb roast, and like many other Swedish holidays, have some […]

Välkommen till Hackathon i Karlskrona

Den 14:e-15:e April bjuder vi till Hackathon i Softhouse lokaler i Karlskrona för att tillsammans hitta spännande och praktiska användingsområden för all den öppna data som Karlskrona kommun och Boverket gjort tillgänglig för allmänheten. Redan idag har Karlskrona kommit väldigt långt i sin digitalisering, något som uppmärksammades 2017 när staden kom tvåa i en tävling […]

Making room for collaboration

Collaboration is both a boon and a curse to creativity, as anyone that has ever tried to organize a large meeting can attest to. It can be almost comically difficult to arrange for a group of people to sit together in peace and quiet. Finding the right people, the right time, the right place and […]

Softhouse weekly #3

”We must always strive to pass on both our competence and our attitude” If you want to become a master in something, you should try to take on teaching others. It’s sometimes said that if you can’t make something easy enough to understand you don’t understand it well enough yourself, and that’s why I think […]

Oopsie makes it easier to build scalable applications

After twenty years of working in the IT sector, Nicolas Gullstrand came to the realization that enormous amounts of time and money were routinely wasted when developing software. Developers were always far removed from customers, with a costly communication ladder going through salespeople, on-site technicians, and project and product managers. Ultimately, Nicolas realized, the cost […]

Swedish startup puts a face on job applications

Hiring the right person for the job is always tricky, and it can be difficult for the applicant to put their best foot forward in a static, impersonal resume. In an attempt to help employers and potential employees connect better, Swedish startup Pitchler tries to make it easier than ever to send out a video […]

Softhouse weekly #2

Softhouse makes you grow One of the greatest benefits of working with the extraordinarily talented team at Softhouse is seeing just how much can be achieved when talent is applied with a purpose. By the very nature of our business, we routinely find ourselves tackling the most challenging problems for some of the most inspirational […]

Coding the infrastructure for commerce in developing countries

Fitting modernity into an old paradigm – how 400 million people were given mobile bank access in developing countries As the world population approaches 8 billion people, the number of people connected to the world by cell phone has been skyrocketing. It is estimated that almost five billion people have a cell phone today; more […]

Reducing carbon emissions with IoT for freight

Softhouse helped local Swedish company Yellowfish revolutionize how companies monitor and manage their freight assets, such as containers and wagons, drastically improving efficiency. Today they’re a thriving international business. In this post, Christian Lundgren of Softhouse shares his experience building transformational technology. Christian Lundgren has been part of the expert team at Softhouse for a […]

Softhouse weekly #1

Yesterday we got to meet a new colleague in Växjö, Johan Lindblom, who came in and introduced himself to the team. After many years as a happy customer, with no less than three different companies, Johan is finally taking the step to join the Softhouse team and will be shouldering the role of CEO of […]