Agile Coach

For our team of agile coaches, we are looking for a new team member. The new team member will help us to help in coaching our colleagues in other roles and take assignments of our clients and help everyone grow an agile mindset.

Here are a few things we would like to see in our next Agile coach colleague.

– Have a good understanding of agile concepts and fundamentals.
– Be committed to building the world’s best team of agile coaches.
– Be able to work in a company with no line managers or project managers.
– Be able to work in a company with no dedicated salespeople.
– Be willing to do work that is beyond the typical responsibilities of your role.
– Be willing to work with clients as well as in-house with us and with other teams in Softhouse.
– Be interested in innovating, challenging and disrupting the way we work.
– Want to work as a consultant.

– Be able and willing to speak at conferences, write articles and create content about the agile world.
– Have a relevant experience coaching teams to work in an agile way.
– Actively pursue a deeper understanding of topics around agile coaching.

To give you an idea, a few weeks ago, we chatted on Slack for about an hour challenging each others’ understanding of DevOps. We then gave each other a virtual high five when we had come to an agreement. We think it was definitely time well spent.

– Bring a skill or knowledge that we do not currently have so that we can offer something new to our clients.

Send your application to Recruit Karlskrona. If you have questions regarding Agile Coach, contact Anna Bäcklin. We treat each application in the strictest confidence