3 questions – Ervin Djogic, developer

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Get to know us! This week you can read about Ervin Djogic, developer at Softhouse Bosnien AB.


1) Who is Ervin Djogic?

I am a software engineer with much enthusiasm and experience in wide range of software development areas. I am very positive, team player, client oriented and have experience of leading, organizing and successfully accomplishing software projects with high level of quality and performance. In the same time i am really dedicated to the team spirit and friendship prior to the project and technologies.

2) In your work – what is your current focus? 

It is a really big pleasure to work with cutting edge technologies, in positive team with great colleges, on exciting projects for customers with high level of reputation from all around the world. Mostly my daily work is based on tasks from IoT area where i am doing my best in order to make smart devices fast, efficient and their users very satisfied. My goals for the future are to put my knowledge in IoT area on the high level and share it with all my coworkers and friends.

3) What is the best/advantages with Softhouse? 

As a software developer in Softhouse i am able to work with real experts from different areas, to be respected from them, to be included in all discussions related to the software design and architecture and to share my experience with all of those. This kind of work is really helping me to build myself as a person and as a expert. I am really happy to be part of Sofhouse positive story, which is to have very smart, satisfied employees and clients we are working for.