Softhouse weekly #3

”We must always strive to pass on both our competence and our attitude”

If you want to become a master in something, you should try to take on teaching others. It’s sometimes said that if you can’t make something easy enough to understand you don’t understand it well enough yourself, and that’s why I think that education is such an important aspect of what we do.

We aren’t only engineers, coaches, and management consultants – we are problem solvers and educators, and we must always strive to pass on both our competence and our attitude. Our culture is what makes us different, after all. This is reflected in our work from our quick internal lunch seminars, where we learn from each other and make each other aware of great new opportunities, to our popular open seminars and our exclusive and tailored education packages spanning several days.

Our open seminars are a good way for us to pass our knowledge on to the community, but also for us to build relationships with future clients and colleagues – we show our competence and attitude by teaching with confidence and show our audience that we’re reliable and knowledgeable. Education has been a driving force for our business development, but also a central component of our internal company culture.

Softhouse makes you grow has to be a commitment to spread and cultivate knowledge. We teach ourselves and mentor our colleagues, but we also make sure to always leave our clients a bit wiser than when we met them. We don’t only deliver solutions, we help the client grow their own competence and encourage them to think bigger.

We also make sure that education is a part of how we interact with and contribute to our community. I’ve already mentioned our open seminars, but we also take the time to teach at universities. I myself have taught at BTH, the alma mater of many of our engineers, and so have several other of my great colleagues at Softhouse. I am sure that next time we go, the next time we show our values by teaching, we’ll meet some of our future colleagues.

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