Team transfer from Softhouse to Qvantel

A Reference Case from Softhouse

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In the fast-moving telecom busi-ness, multiprofessional, tight-knit developer teams are the greatest assets a company can have.

The Challenge

IT company Qvantel is highly successful in the market, and this creates growing pains in the organization. To surf the wave of success you must constantly upgrade your skills and your ability to deliver, at the same time as existing customers expect reliable delivery of ongoing projects.

To establish and grow new business is a risky process – especially when the team needs to focus on both its own development and the client’s deliveries. Uncertainties include:

      • management
      • recruitment
      • methods
      • costs

The Solution

The skills that Qvantel needs are available from their industry colleagues at Softhouse. They know each other well following previous collaborations in south-east Sweden. Together, the two companies agree to create a project team of 20-25 at Softhouse in Karlskrona, based on existing staff and supplemented by recruitment.

      • The team is built up in accordance with the customer’s requirement profile. Its members represent various different areas of expertise.
      • The customer has the opportunity to get to know the team and continuously evaluate its work.
      • Preparations are made for the customer to purchase the fully functioning operation, including management.

        The Result

        The customer is delighted with the outcome, and is interested in buying the operation comprising twenty people. Softhouse staff with appropriate skills profiles are offered to assist in the transfer. About half of the team selected has participated in the first phase. The result is a recruitment platform – including management and support staff – for further development of the operation. The operation is placed in a start-up company that is then sold to the customer. Throughout the process deliveries continue without interruption or quality problems.

”We were in the middle of a very complex process and the timeline was really critical. So one night I called my colleagues at Softhouse and said, Now we need support”

– Liisa Grant, Chief Executive Officer at Qvantel

Qvantel Ltd.

Qvantel Ltd. is a Finnish IT services company that offers customized, cloud-based, critical business support systems (BSS) and IT consulting services. Today, the company employs approximately 300 IT professionals in five different countries.

Agil transformering hos telekomföretag

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Team transfer from Softhouse to Qvantel

In the fast-moving telecom busi-ness, multiprofessional, tight-knit developer teams are the greatest assets a company can have.

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