Agile Adoption Assessment

How do you know your agile transformation is working?

We can help you find that out.

When investing to adopt agile in your organization, measuring success is one of your top priorities. Agile Adoption Assessment is a comprehensive assessment that will help you understand your current situation and make better decisions about what to prioritize as the next steps in your agile journey in different aspects of your business. 

To see an example of the things we evaluate in our assessments, try out our online trial of the team level Agile Adoption Assessment:

The Agile Adoption Assessment is a half-day workshop for each team and is facilitated by our agile coaches. In this workshop, your team will learn about their current opportunities and challenges.

After the assessment workshop, you will get a customized report that will give you even more insights into your team’s current state of agile adoption and suggestions on what actions to take next. Our recommendations will be tailored to helping you take actions today in order to overcome some of the challenges you are facing in adopting agile.

If we are assessing several teams at the same time, we also create a road map to show how the teams can work together and learn from each other to improve agility in the entire organization. Our goal is to create value for you from day one, by giving you concrete actions that would help become more agile with our help or on your own.

We understand that your organization has its unique challenges, and each team has its own specific characteristics. That is why we will not give you a one-size-fit-all solution; instead,  you have the opportunity to get in-person coaching and advice from our agile coaches and learn how to get to your desired agile state in each area.

This assessment and the Agile Adoption Model associated with it is the result of many years of agile coaching experience from dozens of companies in different industries such as finance, insurance, gaming, online payment, recruitment, media, etc. Our agile coaches have helped big and small organizations adopt agile, transform to agile and evolve in agile practices.

To get a quick demo of what you would get from our Agile Adoption Assessment workshop, give our online tool a try.

”Many companies that hire agile coaches run into a initial problem: they don’t know where their teams currently are on the agility scale. In order to get an objective view of this, Softhouse has created the Agile Adoption Assessment.”

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