Lean Magazine #10

Softhouse’s magazine about current topics in Lean and Agile Software Development. In this issue: TDD, Continuous Delivery, SAFe, Agile Fluency.

Lean Magazine #9

Softhouse’s Magazine on Lean and Agile development. In this issue: * Agile Project Managers * Line-management in an Agile organization * Coding Dojo

Lean Magazine #8

This issue of Lean Magazine is a jubilee-issue with a collection of the best articles in Issue 1-7.

Lean Magazine #7

Softhouse’s magazine on Lean Software Develoopment. This issue contains articles about Agile Testing, Leanfrastructure, Software Craftmanship, and Pomodoro Technique.

AGILE INCEPTION – the loop approach

”Agile Inception in 60 minutes” is a collection of strategies and techniques for accelerating business level output needed to initiate agile releases and/or projects. Whether your context is a single team or a multiteam, scaled delivery enviroment these agile inception strategies can help you with the crucial pre-release planning questions regarding the business model and product attributes that agile teams need in order to get off to a flying start. Join the discussion at our blog: www.leanmagazine.net/2centsonagileagile or on Twitter: @2centsonagile.


CM, Configuration Management, is the art of keeping track of versions, components and additions in order to avoid hassles, problems and errors.

AGILE CONTRACTS in five minutes

This brochure provides an introduction to the thinking behind a successful Agile Contract and advice about how to make a start on creating your own agreement types.

KANBAN in five minutes

This brochure provides tangible advice about how to start working with Kanban so that you and your colleagues can • become more efficient and relaxed by focusing on one assignment at a time • deliver according to plan and, progressively, to shorten lead times • communicate with colleagues more quickly and more clearly It’s never too early to start working with Kanban. So why not make a start this afternoon?

SCRUM in five minutes

The world’s most popular description of the Aglie project method Scrum. Downloaded over 120 000 times and counting.

SCRUM in cinque minuti

Scrum è un metodo per il project management che sta prendendo sempre più campo nell’in- dustria del software. Piccoli team formati da 6-8 persone dividono il loro lavoro in “mini progetti” della durata di circa un mese, durante il quale viene espletato un numero limitato di mansioni dettagliate.