Inlägg av Ardiana Spahija

Välkommen till Hackathon i Karlskrona 2018

Den 23:e -25:e november bjuder vi till Hackathon i Softhouse lokaler i Karlskrona för att tillsammans med HiQ och Sigma ta oss an AI & Maskininlärning.  Signa upp redan nu, antingen själv eller med ett team. Registrering, mingel och inspirationsföreläsning med lektor Johan Hagelbäck från Linnéuniversitet börjar kl. 16:00 fredagen den 23:e. Vi avslutar fredagen med […]

Softhouse Weekly #9

Hello everyone! This week Softhouse was part of an exhibition at Innovation Day 18 in Karlskrona, an event sponsored and arranged by Blue Science Park, Blekinge Technical College (BTH) and several key industry players. The purpose of the event is to showcase the very latest in IT, telecommunications, health tech and marine technology, and we […]

Softhouse Weekly #8

One week ago today I had the distinct pleasure of attending Softhouse Day, the annual gathering where we all meet up to learn from each other and share our thoughts on the future. It was an incredible turnout and an inspiring group of people. I left the conference knowing more than when I came, and […]

Combating change vertigo

Thinking about Change Every great enterprise started with an ambition to create value for someone, to provide a product or service that captures the attention and spending of a demanding consumer. Successful ventures find more resources to reinvest into creating yet more value, improving the product or service to better meet that initial demand that […]

Softhouse Weekly #7

Tomorrow we gather our team members from all over the world to exchange ideas, learn from each other, highlight our accomplishments, and remind ourselves of the importance of our mission. When preparing to address such an esteemed gathering of talented colleagues, it is easy to see that we have a responsibility to make the most […]

Softhouse Weekly #6

Since software development is expanding and finding its way to new business domains, I found myself thinking about how our Lean & Agile services could help old organizations in crises to move forward and evolve in a rapidly changing and developing market. Surely, none of us have missed the recent story about Swedens most prominent […]

Softhouse Weekly #5

This week I spent some time thinking a little bit about salesmanship, and what it means for a company with our values. I am often asked by colleagues “How can I contribute and bring in more business?”, expressed both as an aspiration but also as a concern. As a consultant, how does one sell something […]