Softhouse Sverige ny partner med Finska Aava Software

Softhouse and Aava Software announce a partnership
– Stockholm, February 6, 2015 –
A leading Swedish software consulting company Sofhouse AB and Aava Software Ltd have formed a new partnership to provide Aava Software’s solutions to the Swedish market. The parties are joining forces and utilizing both parties’ competences in providing modern enterprise solutions to the customers.
Aava Software, a Finnish provider of next generation cloud-based business software solutions, has grown rapidly and the partnership with Softhouse AB was a natural way to expand the availability of Aava’s solutions to the Swedish markets.

Softhouse AB is a recognized and highly-competent actor in the Swedish software consulting market, especially in Lean and Agile technologies. “We’re very pleased with the partnership and we can rely on Softhouse being able to provide Aava-based customer solutions in the Swedish market with both high quality and high level of support” says Jari Heiskanen, CEO and Founder of Aava Software Ltd.
“Aava has a unique, new software offering. Its flexibility and versatility suits our needs in the customer projects very well. The company cultures matched well and we are looking forward to working together” states Linda Zillén, CEO, Softhouse Stockholm.
Sofhouse Sverige AB becomes a preferred reseller and a development partner to Aava in Sweden and the parties will jointly provide modern information management system platform to enterprises looking for the latest technology in enterprise software applications development. Aava allows for building fully customer- and application-specific solutions both time- and cost-effectively due to its metamodel-based modern architecture. The enterprise customers can finally have the exact functionality for their application that they have been looking for, in an agile development style.

About Aava Software
Aava Software Ltd is a provider of next generation, cloud-based business software applications. Aava was established in 2008 and it is based in Espoo and Tampere, Finland. The company provides its customers and partners a modern enterprise applications platform allowing for agile, time and cost-efficient solution development – always matching the customer requirements.