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by ardiana spahija


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Hiring the right person for the job is always tricky, and it can be difficult for the applicant to put their best foot forward in a static, impersonal resume. In an attempt to help employers and potential employees connect better, Swedish startup Pitchler tries to make it easier than ever to send out a video resume that captures your personality, attitude, and competence in a way that traditional resumes struggle to do.

“You need to match personality, values and company culture”

“In order for the individual to perform well and for the company to excel, you need to match personality, values and company culture,” explains Evelina Göthberg of Pitchler. The platform allows applicants to create compelling profiles and video resumes for themselves and even features a jobs portal where employers that would like to receive video resumes can post their job openings. To help the applicant put their best foot forward, Pitchler guides you through the process of creating a good video resume and shares inspiring content that can help you find your voice.

“We’re building a smart platform on the latest technology, to be able to match competency with requirements, and personality with culture,” says Pitchler CEO Peter Thorin.

Softhouse provided and mentored an intern developer that built the first proof of concept

But getting from 0 to 1 is a difficult step, especially for a new and cash-strapped startup. To help Pitchler get some initial momentum, Softhouse provided and mentored an intern developer that built the first proof of concept. Six months later, with real progress to show, Pitchler raised some startup capital, and what had once been an idea became a business.

“One of the benefits of working on a startup is you get to use new technologies and frameworks,” says Robin Lundin, who went from being an intern on the Pitchler project to a member of the Softhouse expert pool. “We built the app in Ionic 2, which was brand new at the time.” Having been intimately involved with the project, Softhouse’s investment arm joined the round and Pitchler ended up enlisting Softhouse to be their development team. As a Google Partner, Softhouse also helped Pitchler get 10 000 dollars worth of sponsored cloud hosting from Google, and development could start ramping up to meet the needs of Pitchler’s clients.

“Swedish startups have done very well internationally, and we’re hoping that our added financial support to the local startup ecosystem here in Växjö will make the region even more competitive,” explains Henric Westergren at Softhouse Invest. The fund has been active for a bit over a year, and has been helping both local startups and established businesses get the necessary capital, connections and culture to grow, alongside the development efforts of Softhouse’s engineers.

Modern architecture will allow Pitchler to never pay more for hardware than is necessary

“We initially helped Pitchler build their mobile website, and then their web-based app,” says Jonas Eckerström, one of the Softhouse developers involved with the project. “We built the platform on the Google Kubernetes Engine, getting rid of all third party software. In the end, Pitchler had their own containerized video streaming solution, supporting automated horizontal auto-scaling. This is the strength of using Google’s container solutions; when more computation is needed, the platform can automatically scale horizontally by adding more nodes, and you pay by the minute, so the automated flexibility and elasticity of the solution is quite unparalleled. All of this was built and brought to market in a year.” This modern architecture will allow Pitchler to never pay more for hardware than is necessary, while also ensuring that the platform always has enough power behind it to deliver a premium user experience. With Softhouse as both an investor and development partner, Pitchler is a great showcase of how Softhouse makes you grow.

Softhouse supported Pitchler with competence, capital, and connections

From initial concept to a funded startup with a scalable solution in production, Softhouse supported Pitchler with competence, capital, and connections that helped Pitchler go from great idea to an operational business. Robin Lundin got to kickstart his developer career by working on a demanding project with new technologies, and employers are connecting with their future employees in a more engaging way.

“Softhouse supported our business with their technical skills as a development partner. And having Google as a partner through Softhouse is allowing us to take our first steps into the global market with our pitching app,” concludes Pitchler CEO Peter Thorin.

Download Pitchler: App Store & Google Play

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