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by rebecka


Categories: News

by rebecka


We have launched a new updated profile we have updated fonts, colors and graphic elements are the basics of the updates we have made. Our logo has been updated with new shades to capture a slightly softer and more modern expression while retaining the technologically strong font and our symbol, just as before.

The new profile has already started to be implemented in our marketing material and continues to be introduced gradually in our channels and all our material. The idea with the updated profile is to reflect a modern, technologic and slightly softer Softhouse. The humility of our consultants and our personality as a company we bring with us in our updated color scale which means that we make our colors a little softer in the expression.

Our strong competence and technical know-how are our language and our texts.

– Softhouse has made a very exciting journey and we are growing and developing all the time and therefore it is natural that our visual identity is also developed and updated. Especially considering the digital landscape in which we operate, says Bengt Gustavsson, CEO at Softhouse Consulting.

In addition, we have updated our site with a new look, new features and brand new content. Everything is gathered under, where we also include under the tab Academy.

– Our new site is an important platform in our communication and, above all, an important channel for continuing the work of sharing our knowledge. Since founding Softhouse in 1996, we have been good at and prioritized sharing our knowledge. Our new web will create even better conditions for doing just that, says Rebecka Lindhe, Marketing Manager at Softhouse Consulting.

New Offering structure

To be even clearer to our customers, we have also updated our offering structure. Through our new payoff  “We develop digital business” we have created 4 clear target areas for what we work with and can help you as a customer with. “We develop software” which explains and describes our software offering, “We develop business” that explains how we help businesses look at the digital part and develop new business areas, streamline existing parts or create brand new areas.

Often, we are both experts and partners in such a transformation and a good shelf to drive digital development forward.

“We develop people” describes what we work with in our educational activities and we have renamed it from education to “Academy” to describe it more clearly.

– The new offer structure enables us to become clearer with what we communicate and create clarity towards our customers. Saying what we actually do is important and creates clarity in our business, says Bengt Gustavsson, CEO of Softhouse Consulting.


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