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Softhouse Consulting has expanded significantly in 2019, which results in the fact that it is now growing from 3 offices simultaneously. In Malmö you move from Stormgatan to Slagthuset, in Karlshamn you move one floor up and double its area and in Sarajevo the existing room is expanded with 10 new workplaces.

2019-04-17 Växjö Softhouse. Foto: Jonas Ljungdahl

Softhouse has since its inception established its operations in 7 locations in Sweden and with an office in Bosnia. The last opening was in Karlshamn just six months ago. Since the interest in Softhouse has been great, they have already very happy to have 10 employees, and it is time to move to larger premises in order to continue the expansion. Also in Malmö you change offices and move to larger areas for better collaboration and interaction between the teams.

– Of course, it feels very fun that we have gained such a fine confidence from our customers and as a result of being able to expand to accommodate new talents and assignments across three offices, says Anna Bäcklin, CEO at Softhouse Consulting Sweden AB

It is very fun that it is going so well right now and that we are expanding. We are constantly looking for talented talents for our team and larger premises obviously mean room for more talented employees and even greater delivery capacity. A strong team also builds efficient and smart deliveries. It is noticeable that it is a strong journey forward when you look at the results for 2019 which are summarized with a growth of 6.1% where the year’s turnover lands at SEK 241,656k with a profit margin of 8.7%.

– The increased growth and the good result for 2019 is largely a consequence of more customers and more deliveries in all offices, says Bengt Gustavsson CFO Softhouse Sverige AB.

Softhouse moves into Slagthuset in August 2020 and in Karlshamn, premises are already changed in March 2020 and in Sarajevo, office space is increased during the same period.

For more information, contact:

Anna Bäcklin, CEO, Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB0709 – 800 439 Bengt Gustavsson, CFO Softhouse Sverige AB 076-883 24 60


Rebecka Lindhe, Chief Marketing Officer, Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB 0729 – 829 409

About Softhouse

Softhouse develops digital business, software and people and delivers value quickly and continuously through agile working methods and competent employees. Softhouse was founded in 1996 and was one of the first companies to introduce Agil methodology in Sweden. Softhouse offers Agil software development and consulting services in IT, leadership and coaching. Softhouse has approximately 200 employees distributed at the offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Växjö, Jönköping and Sarajevo. In 2019, the Group has sales of SEK 250 million.

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