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2019-04-17 Växjö Softhouse. Foto: Jonas Ljungdahl

Protect your digital assets

Today, a lot of time and money is spent on introducing various security solutions, without any direct understanding of needs or benefits. The right knowledge, expertise and insight into the company’s unique situation is required to minimize costs.

To establish a secure business environment, you need to ensure that you work with IT security at the earliest possible stage. This can be done in a number of ways, partly through corporate training aimed at both management and staff, but also through technical architecture, risk and threat analysis and proactive security work.

Implement security proactively

A common scenario is that security deficiencies are detected late, which can lead to large costs in delays, extra work and incident management. Softhouse is working early on to implement security to protect your digital assets. A proactive investment is usually more cost-effective because early security is built into products and solutions.

– Our expertise gives companies the necessary knowledge to be able to make the right decision about which security is most important. Security is an investment, with our help you as a customer can clearly see which parts give the most value and focus your resources there, says Niclas Kjellin, security expert at Softhouse.

Take the temp to safety mode
In order to get an overview of the general security situation of the customer, a current situation is made where the company’s needs and benefits are assessed against threats and risks.

– The current situation analysis gives us a sense of how the company looks at security and is an indication of what knowledge needs exist as well as possible deficiencies in processes and tools, says Alexander Mohlin, security expert at Softhouse.

Then you can start with architecture, design and the actual development of safety-critical functions based on the needs that actually exist.

We help you all the way

During ongoing projects, things can emerge that can affect the security of the software and then it is important to have an understanding of and know how to handle security issues during the work.

– We are a stable partner in software development and is involved from analysis, technical advice, secure implementation, design and training to the actual delivery. We help with everything from code and quality assurance to the introduction of processes for secure information management, says Niclas.

– We do everything from education to larger and more comprehensive measures. The ambition is to give the company opportunities to understand and be able to continue working with security themselves even after our help, says Alexander.


Softhouse develops digital businesses, software, businesses and people. Founded in 1996, Softhouse offers Agile software development and consulting services in IT, security and software. There are approximately 250 employees in offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Växjö, Jönköping and Sarajevo.

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