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Johan and Brick wall

With a clickable prototyp made through the process of a Remote Design Sprint ensures an effective Proof of Concept (POC). Johan Granath has worked with development of digital products for many years. Johan is a Delivery Lead at Softhouse and is responsible for ensuring that we deliver to our clients according to agreed expectations. A successful delivery is made possible through collaboration between customers, designers, developers and architects – yes, the entire team!

What is Remote Design Sprint?

A Remote Design Sprint is an efficient process for creating a basis for new products. It improves existing products or solve specific problems. Design sprint as a concept has been on the market for several years now. Softhouse has been inspired by this way of working and developed an adaptation that suits our customers. For a period of 10 days, we lead the customer from prioritizing a number of specific challenges, based on a long-term business goal, to visualizing the solution in a product prototype.

– A remote process through video calls and digital tools, which is highly relevant  in times like these. Anyone can take part in our digital design sprint, no matter where you are located, says Johan.

After completing the Remote Design Sprint, the customer receives a testable low-resolution prototype of the product and  can then test the user friendliness of the  flow.  They also receive a basic variant of the brand book that can be used as a ground for user interface  at a later stage when the product will be developed. We also give the customer a suggestion of different technologies to use when building the product, proposal on suitable frameworks and a recommendation for an architectural road map.

What are the benefits?

It is an efficient way to grasp the product vision and Softhouse can in short time help the customer to a first clickable prototype. In addition, the prototype is tested on real users and based on documented insights, which creates a base for future product development and potential investment.

A Remote Design Sprint will give you:

  • A fast way to visualize the product vision
  • Most important features needed to take the product to market
  • A basic proposal to anchor and align further with the organization
  • Possibility to validate and test your business idea
  • Forum for innovation

– Many companies we meet are thinking about a product idea. But they do not know how to test the market potential. This makes them reluctant to invest. Here is where the Remote Design Sprint comes in handy. In 10 days, the customer gets a validated prototype. This can later be used as a basis for a decision to discuss a further investment. It is a cost-efficient way to approach product development that we recommend to all our customers, says Johan.

Do you want to know more about Remote Design sprint or get in touch with Johan? Read more here or send an email to

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