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Categories: Articles

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Let’s say you have a great idea for a new app or service that you want to bring to life.

Where do you start?

You might have a clear vision already, but there’s always a bunch of questions that need answering and problems may occur along the way. You know this, and that’s why you need a way to test your ideas

Here’s a quick introduction video with Jake Knapp on what a design Sprint is:

But, can we run a Design Sprint remotely?

Yes, we can. At Softhouse we have facilitated Design Sprints with team members spread out across the world. The workshops are held in video conferencing tools such as Google Meet or Zoom. We also use digital whiteboard tools such as Miro to share ideas and to guide everyone in the Sprint team throughout the workshops.

How is a remote Design Sprint different from an in person Design Sprint?

Well, first of all, when we work remotely we work in half day workshops instead of full days. This makes it easier for the participants to keep momentum and focus high throughout the Sprint.

This means that a one week in person Sprint usually takes two weeks to conclude remotely, and if we run a double Sprint it will conclude in three to four weeks.

But since we only run half day workshops this also means that participants usually have an easier time fitting these workshops into their regular work schedules.

Remote Design Sprints also require a lot of heavy lifting from us as facilitators in between workshops. Preparing our virtual whiteboard, keeping the sprint team prepped and ensuring all participants have a working video conferencing setup are just some of the extra things that keeps us busy.

Some benefits of running Design Sprints remotely

  • The Sprint Team members can participate from anywhere across the globe
  • Half day workshops make it easier to combine with other work
  • Shorter days means participants show more engagement and higher focus

Want to know more about our Remote Design Sprints? Contact for more info and contact!

/ Martin Gustvasson

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