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Categories: Case

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We facilitated the prototyping and creation of a clickable prototype to be used as a basis for further design development and the technical solution.

As promoters of sustainable transportation, Skånetrafiken is planning on offering an attractive transportation alternative to a car through a digital service. Being a long-term delivery partner to Skånetrafiken and skilled in product design, we were happy to facilitate the creation of a prototype of their service through Remote Design Sprint.   


Skånetrafiken wanted to get fast an accurate feedback from its customers

Skånetrafiken wanted to test and experimentally develop a new scalable service for combined and integrated mobility (so-called MaaS, Mobility as a service) in Skåne. This will offer an attractive alternative to traveling with your own car and promote a more resource-efficient mode of transport. The project needed to be designed so that, if successful, it could be scaled geographically. Skånetrafiken were faced with the challenge of how to kick off the project to ensure early feedback from customers, stakeholders and partners, as this approach was defined as a prerequisite to set up the development for success. Since we were prototyping through Design Sprint, we managed to get all customer insights as fast as possible. 

The Swedish Energy Agency considers that the project has a high degree of innovation. It has the ability to offer the market a solution with the potential to reduce the ecological footprints. 

“It worked really well! Softhouse helped us with clear processes, strong facilitation and good tools. As a result we were able to involve many participants and get great results despite a high degree of complexity. It was exciting to see the engagement and contributions from such a diverse group located across Europe.”

Mårten Rignell, Digital roadmap responsible at Skånetrafiken



Smart and simple facilitation of a fully remote design sprint

As a long-term delivery partner to Skånetrafiken, we were engaged to help the client create a prototype for the service, to be used as a basis for further design development and turned into a technical solution. 

We used the methodology of Design Sprint to deliver the prototype which included running two consecutive Design Sprints to align goals and expectations with stakeholders and partners and to get early feedback from real customers. We executed the Design Sprints remotely to ensure participation from all relevant parties and to adhere to Covid-19 restrictions. The Design Sprints were conducted using videoconferencing through Google Hangout and digital whiteboards tool Miro

Softhouse planned and coordinated the Remote Design Sprints and also filled the roles of UX design, prototyper, facilitator, documentation, and test lead. The work spanned across four weeks engaging participants from Sweden, Portugal and Spain. The complete Sprint team consisted of members from Softhouse, Skånetrafiken and IoMob.


A smart prototype with insights of customer needs and desires

The Design Sprints set the baseline for target customers, long term goals and critical questions. During the Design Sprints we were prototyping and created two clickable prototypes and tested it on 10 real customers. 

The tests generated valuable insights on true customer needs and desires, answered critical questions and uncovered important pain points both on the user experience side as well as overarching challenges. As part of the final delivery a high level implementation and future discovery plan was crafted with the team.  

After the Design Sprints the implementation project can leverage the following to hit the ground running: clickable prototypes, detailed test results, test session videos, design assets and open questions to be addressed during implementation. 

Methodologies and tools  used: 

Remote Design Sprint, UX prototyping, User testing, Remote facilitation, Miro, Google Hangout, Adobe XD

About Skånetrafiken: 

Skånetrafiken is an administration within Region Skåne with the task of offering sustainable travel to everyone who lives, works and travels in Skåne. All traffic is run by different companies that have been procured in competition.

Industry: Public transportation

Number of employees: Just over 400

Revenue: > 2,9 BSEK in Sales, total ~5,5 BSEK (2019) 

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