by rebecka


by rebecka


Wiktor Kettel is the full-stack developer who has traveled and worked in both Ghana, Poland and Rwanda. It is the mix of really fun challenges and the charm of not really knowing where he will travel next that is the best thing about working at Softhouse.

Wiktor works as a developer and has just started a new exciting project where he will be involved in developing a new component for a care platform for one of our customers. In this assignment, he works as a solution architect and technical development manager.

– I’m poking around in fairly scattered places in the code, so I would describe myself as a full-stack developer, says Wiktor.

From software engineering in Linköping to full-stack developer in Karlskrona

– I used to live in Linköping with my wife, but she got a new exciting job in Karlskrona and wanted to move here. Unfortunately, I had just gotten a new job in Linköping as a software engineer that I really wanted to take. After almost a year of weekly commuting between Linköping and Karlskrona, I decided to move down full time to Karlskrona, says Wiktor.

In connection with this, Wiktor posted on his linkedIn profile that he was looking for a job and a recruiter in Karlskrona picked it up and introduced him to Softhouse.

– Since then I have been here and I feel really good with my competent and really nice colleagues. There is an incredible competence exchange to take part in and it is fun to spread your own knowledge as well. We are good at sharing our knowledge internally and I think that is important for continuous development.

Before the pandemic, Wiktor took on projects in Poland, Ghana, Rwanda and also cities within Sweden but outside of Blekinge.

– The best thing about Softhouse is the amount of fun challenges where I do not really know where I am next week. I have never been out traveling so much before, says Wiktor.

Takes on small programming projects in his spare time

In his spare time, Wiktor likes to take photos and be out running. Between runs and photo sessions, he likes to take on small programming projects from time to time and a bit of TV playing when the spirit comes in.

– Considering that we have three cats at home, my secret talent must be that I am good at giving a teasing cat his tablets even though he really does not want to, says Wiktor and laughs.

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