by rebecka


by rebecka


Markus Tillman is a software developer who prioritizes good collaborations and solving problems together with his colleagues. For Markus, the best thing about Softhouse is the fun and easy-going culture and, of course, all the colleagues. When he is not designing and developing code, he wants to be outside – nature and sports are close to his heart.

Markus works as a software developer, and together with his colleagues or with a customer, he works with designing and developing code that is easy to maintain and understand.

– A code that is easy to maintain provides added value to the customer and is therefore important. Nobody likes a code that is difficult to read anyway, says Markus.

Markus, current main task is to help customers migrate tests from a test framework, written in XML, by a customer to JUnit5 (java), which is an industry-standard for “unit” and “component integration testing.” The background is that the test framework is written for testers, but the customer has no testers left. For us developers, it is much easier to use JUnit5 in Java than the customer’s framework in XML

From student to software developer

Before Markus started at Softhouse, he studied at Blekinge University of Technology, BTH in Karlskrona. He studied game programming and a master’s in computer science.

– When I applied to Softhouse, it seemed like the right corporate culture; fun, easy, and a feeling that we solve problems together. That feeling has only grown stronger over the years. Especially now that restrictions from the Coronavirus affect us in different ways and we need to work even more digitally than before and can not socialize in the same way. Together, we have solved the problem through a digital music quiz on Fridays, games, and digital coffee, says Markus.

He continues.

– The best thing about working at Softhouse is your colleagues. We do fun activities together at regular intervals, the closest team but also together with the whole office. Many of my colleagues are also friends outside of work and one of them I even live with.

For Markus, we at Softhouse are a company with the right kind of culture, and it is easy and fun. He appreciates the opportunity to take breaks in the middle of the day and get out when the light is outside. Which, of course, is especially important in the winter. Markus’ great hobby involves sports and nature.

Activities out in nature are close to the heart.

Markus likes to be outdoors in nature in his spare time and doing some form of physical activity such as running, mountain biking, swimming, swimrun, or snowboarding.

– Performance-free outdoor swimming such as swimrun or cycling in the woods on a summer day is one of the best things I know, says Markus.

He continues.

– Because I train so much, I easily get hungry. So my secret talent must be that I can eat two whole pizzas at once without any problems.


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