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Categories: Case

by rebecka


We supplied a full team of coders and managers working distributed from Malmö towards our client Go-Ahead in Norway. 

We were the first private technical partner with a national back end for selling tickets to use the new API:s from the Norwegian Authorities. We met all deadlines – and they were firm. We created a web and two mobile clients from where customers can order mobile tickets. As a bonus, we also halved the amount of code and complexity on the back end. 

The Challenge

With a sharp deadline, we deliver a fully functional mobile ticket solution connected to the government’s API and national back-end ticket solution.

Go-Ahead Norway had a firm deadline agreed with the Norwegian government to run the trains in December of 2019. Three months before that, they had to ensure that they could sell tickets smartly and easily. However, the project was in dire need for various reasons, and Go-Ahead contacted us to take over the technical end and management of the project. 

We engaged as a technical partner and continued the work just a few months before the very firm deadline. Over the summer, we rewrote most of the code in the project and delivered the first web version in time. A few months later, we delivered a full web client in time, with the Go-Ahead management’s first train running. We had no serious issues at launch or even later. 

In the second year of the project, we delivered the mobile app clients for iOS and Android.

Technical challenges and others

Norway has decided to implement a national back-end for selling all types of tickets. We were the first private technical partner to use these API:s and had to take the major brunt of using them. At the same time, this high stake project was under public scrutiny as one of the first private train companies running a previously state-run train line.

“We are very proud of this project and the level of an agile long-term collaboration with Go-Ahead.”  – Björn Granvik, Delivery Lead


The Solution 

A full spectrum commitment working distributed from Malmö

The project is a full spectrum commitment, meaning we handled everything from the coding, testing, continuous integrations/continuous delivery over to agile project management with budget follow-up. In such close collaboration, we could grow and scale back according to our product’s and Go-Ahead’s needs.

Technically speaking, we implemented three clients

  • a responsive web
  • an iOS and Android mobile application, with a dedicated back-end that acts as a front towards the national back-end (Entur). 

On the web, we used Javascript together with React/Redux. We wrote native solutions in Swift and Kotlin, respectively. The back-end consisted of C# and .NET Core on Azure with continuous integration and delivery with always-on capability.

Photographer Siv Dolmen – for Go-Ahead Nordic

Softhouse came in as our partner in a very intense period before a historic start in Norwegian railway history, to start up the first train contract after the new Norwegian railway reform in December 2018. 

We started on the Go-Ahead operation of Sörtoget, to run passenger traffic between Oslo and Stavanger. The deal is worth approximately 750 MNOK per year. Softhouse is responsible for us being able to sell tickets and provide correct information via our sales channels, primarily the Web and via apps in the iOS / Android environment.

The project has been extremely intense and we have established everything from scratch. Softhouse has been a very reliable, knowledgeable, and flexible partner. The focus has been on delivering a solution that goes live at a specific time, everything must work…. It has also done so, in good teamwork, we have together gradually built new functionality into the platform to further increase the customer experience ” – Welcome aboard, Magnus Hedin, Go-Ahead Nordic

Our delivery

Our first step was a full analysis of the project. Everything from code and architecture to project management and time plan. As a result, we were asked to take over the project and continue the work. We supplied a full team from coding to management, working distributed from Malmö towards our client and partners in Norway.

The Result 

Three full client applications with a complete rewrite of the code with the ambition to adapt to accessibility standard WCAG 2.0, for Go-Ahead 

The result was three full clients’ applications for Go-Ahead mobile ticketing solution to comply with their stringent deadline set up in the agreement with the Norwegian authorities.

We achieved all of this and at the same time:

  • halved the amount of code and complexity on the back-end
  • did a full rewrite of the web application and started with a foundation for accessibility according to WCAG 2.0.
  • cut down on traveling (between Sweden and Norway) to one fifth.

Technologies and methodologies used: 

Javascript, React/Redux, Swift, Cotlin

About the Client:

Go-Ahead Nordic

Our solution: See it here!

The Nordic customer:

Great Britain’s biggest private train and bus operator has established themselves in the Nordic countries. They have so far won the train line operating between Oslo and Stavanger.

Industry: Transportation

Number of employees ca 30 000: 

Revenue:  3,898.4 million £.


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