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by rebecka


Categories: Case

by rebecka


We, at Softhouse, are proud to be the delivery partner, leading the product development and delivering the complete software solution.

E.ON wanted to make their customers aware of their power usage and give them the possibility to achieve economic and power savings, making them more in control of their power usage.  Softhouse engaged in the product development in defining, steering, and leading the project, as well as in the technical development of the software solution including iOs and Android app and a Web Interface.  


An app for the customer to have full control over their electrical consumption at home

E.ON wanted to make their customers aware of their power usage to make the information easily accessible and to further enable customers to: 

  • achieve economic and power savings
  • be aware of and control the power usage 

The technical solution to be developed needed to make it possible for an end-user to:

  • Visualize electricity usage for a home in real-time
  • See an individual gadgets electricity usage (e.g. lamp, washing machine)
  • Control gadgets from a distance
  • Schedule gadgets to power on or off during the day or week
  • Set economical and energy thresholds for power usage and receive warnings when reached
  • Follow the price and energy usage

For this purpose, E.ON decided to start a program to build the solution 100% 100KOll.


A large three-part delivery in both hardware and software

The overall deliverables of this program included hardware and software. 

The Software included:

  1. Native Android app
  2. Native iOS app
  3. Webb interface integrated with My Pages at

Hardware entailed for the complete solution was:

  1. Optical electricity meter reader to read total electricity usage in the household
  2. Smart plugs enable the collection of consumption data as well as serve as a device to control usage for specific gadget (e.g. lamp, washing machine)

The delivery also included the integration of all the parts as well as the design of UX/UI. 

Softhouse delivery

We were involved in defining, steering, and leading the product development as well as developing the software.

This was a complex solution that involved a broad range of different vendors, including E.ON internal vendors and outsourced, both in Sweden and abroad. 

  • analysis and creation of program requirements specification
  • steering of the program as part of the steering board that also served as a gathered body of a Product Owner
  • leading of the program and coordination of all teams and work where we took on the roles of team coach, Project manager, and Scrum Master
  • delivery of the mobile applications (Android and iOS)
  • delivery of web interface and integration within My Pages at’

100koll was a challenging development project in many dimensions. Several partners would deliver complex solutions in a very short time. Softhouse played an important role in making the project a success – both in introducing working methods, delivering applications, and being the link between several of our suppliers. ” Richard Thygesson Bostam, CX-Manager, E.ON Energy Distribution and Pierre Svahn Olofsson, Business developer, E.ON Energy Solutions


We are one of E.ON’s long term trusted partners

The Softhouse team developed and delivered concurrently on three platforms during the project. We managed the complexity of leading a large team of developers in different locations working with different parts to deliver with a smaller delay. 

The launch of the product was handled successfully and continued to adapt according to the feedback and needs of the end-users. 

Softhouse is one of E.ONs trusted long-term partners and we have delivered several projects together after this delivery. 

Technologies and methodologies used: 

Native Android App, Native iOS app, Web interface, Integration, Design, UX/UI, requirements and specifications, product owner, team leadership, scrum, agile, kanban.

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