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by rebecka


Categories: Academy, Articles, News

by rebecka


Do you work with leadership in the IT industry and want to become better at working and thinking agile at your workplace? Then our course Leading SAFe is for you.

Jörgen Karlsson is one of our course leaders for the course Leading SAFe. Jörgen has more than 25 years of experience in software development in various leading positions such as project management, business development, change management, and coaching. With extensive experience in software development and agile thinking in the telecom and IT industry, his previous experience will come in handy as a course leader.

This week we asked Jörgen if he could tell us a bit regarding the course Leading SAFe. What does “Leading SAFe” really mean? What should you think about before the class starts, and how can you apply your knowledge from the course in your everyday work life?

– Leading SAFe is an introductory course for anyone who wants to learn more about business agility in large organizations. What I mean by large organizations is from maybe about 50 employees to thousands of employees who develop some of the world’s most complicated products. Leadership, thought patterns, values, ​​and principles are an essential part of the course. Besides, we work with how an entire organization can become agile. The focus is more on becoming agile than how to do agile – even though we mention and try out some practices and tools that are central to SAFe, says Jörgen.

Jörgen means that an organization may have made one or more agile transformations, which may not have been entirely successful. Another factor may be that an organization wants to take the next step or is considering taking its first.

He continues.

– The course focuses on all leaders, C-level directors, management teams, product leaders, agile leaders. Yes, whatever leadership position you have or will have in your organization. The course gives you practical and theoretical new knowledge about yourself and how you can help or support your organization in a digitalization.

Apply the course in your everyday work life

– The course is excellent for understanding and applying both one’s change and initiating a change in the organization, be it a product-developing business organization or a government agency. You will immediately, if you wish, begin your journey of transformation, your leadership style, and the direction you want to influence the organization. In leading SAFe, this is a part of modern agile leadership. If your organization already works with SAFe, you will gain a much deeper understanding of the framework, says Jörgen.

To think about before the course starts

– It is essential before the course starts to take time to prepare. In our Learning Management System (LMS), some preparatory tasks make you get more out of the course. It is also good to set aside time after the different course days so that you can reflect, read a little in the articles we recommend, and get to digest your newfound knowledge. Change is hard, says Jörgen.

If you want to read more about the course and are interested in attending Leading SAFe, we currently have several opportunities during the spring. Read more at Are you as a company interested in educating more people? Then we also hold company-adapted courses that we tailor to your needs, contact, and we will tell you more or read more at

This course is a collaboration with BDD and is held by their course leader.

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