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by rebecka


Nedzad Hafizovic is our developer who chose to study a master’s in Software Technology in Sweden and stayed at our office in Växjö

Nedzad is one of our developers in Växjö who enjoys coding, managing projects, and analyzing projects. Right now he is working on a project that he can’t tell about, but he is involved and builds a new technical function completely from scratch. Nedzad is also involved in some projects within our Function Factory. Another thing he prefers in his job is to have dialogues with our customers.

– Also, I enjoy talking to our customers, advising them so that they can gain better benefits from the services that we, at Softhouse, do for them, says Nedzad.

Nedzad came in contact with Softhouse by a coincidence

Before Nedzad started with us, he studied both in Sarajevo and at Linnaeus University. In 2018, he graduated in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo and decided to further his education in Sweden. He moved to Växjö to study a master’s degree in Software Engineering and then got a job at Softhouse.

– When I studied at Linnaeus University in Växjö, I accidentally got access to a Softhouse Scrum Master kit during a lecture and became curious to look up what Softhouse was. When I went home and googled, I immediately saw that the company also had an office in Sarajevo, in my home country. It was love at first sight and when I continued to read about Softhouse, I just liked what I read more and more, says Nedzad.

In connection with this, he decided to contact our office in Växjö and now he has worked with us since August 2019.

– What is the best thing about working at Softhouse? There are so many different parts! What I come up with right away is the opportunity to constantly learn new things and improve your skills. Also, all the fantastic colleagues who work here, who are also experts in their field. There is always the opportunity to get help and everyone is happy to share and help each other, says Nedzad.

He continues.

– Here in Växjö, we are known for throwing the coolest afterworks. Normally we usually have a lot of BBQs, playing bowling, shuffleboard or just hang out in the office and watch a movie and play games. However, covid-19 has affected this of course, as we are not hanging out at the office in the same way anymore. But soon we will hopefully have the opportunity to make up for “lost times”, says Nedzad.

From the office in Växjö to Istanbul

When Nedzad is not hanging out in our office coding or talking to customers, he likes to watch football. The favorite team is Barcelona and from what he can remember, he has not missed a single match in the last 5 to 6 years. Another interest that is close to the heart is playing video games.

– I usually play a lot of FIFA and CoD together with my colleague Goran, says Nedzad.

Another interest he has is to travel and discover new places around the world. Nedzad often travels between Sweden and Bosnia and in addition to that, he has visited 22 different countries in Europe and has now two favorite destinations, Istanbul and Barcelona.

– My colleague Henric calls me a “global citizen”, says Nedzad, and smiles.

He continues.

– I also play some piano, which not many people know about, which must be my secret talent. I still want to say that I’m pretty good at FIFA as well, so if anyone else from Softhouse dares to challenge me, I’m up for it, says Nedzad and laughs.

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