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by rebecka


Robin is having his internship at the Brand and Marketing department where he gets the opportunity to work with several different projects. The internship has given Robin new challenges that he is not used to from school.

Robin Örknér is the intern at the Brand and Marketing department and he is based in our office in Karlshamn. When he’s not helping us with marketing projects, he is studying Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island in Karlskrona. Through this education, Robin learns different digital working methods that can be used to run creative projects. He also gets to learn the basics of modern technology such as Arduino and projection mapping.

When Robin is not working with us, he likes to play music, work out or spend a couple of hours playing video games. He describes himself as a driven and active person who is motivated by challenges in his work.

Softhouse stood out from the crowd

When Robin was looking for an internship, the corporate culture was important to him.

– I chose Softhouse because of the corporate culture. I thought Softhouse stood out from the crowd with a focus on group activities, fun events, and always promoting a healthy lifestyle. In Brand and Marketing, you can also dive deep into many different things. For example, we have courses, tribes, administrative work, fun events and much more. This suits me perfectly as I am a person who likes variety in my everyday life, says Robin.

During his internship with us, Robin has had the opportunity to run several projects on his own. He thinks the difficulty with this is to have many projects going on at the same time, which is something he’s not used to.

– At Softhouse I can challenge myself on a completely different level, unlike from school. I work more individually, have more responsibility and more projects going on at the same time. Right now I run two projects, one within Mailchimp and one within Happeo which is about brand awareness and internal communication. By running these projects, I get an insight into what the industry really looks like, says Robin.

He continues:

– In addition, I handle the administrative parts for a LeanTribe about AI that will take place at the end of the month. I love working at Softhouse and look forward to what the future has to offer.

Curious about an internship with us? Contact one of our offices and they will help you further. Read more here!

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