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Goran is a Business Developer at the office in Jönköping. He works closely with our customers and helps them choose the right path in their business journey. Goran thrives in his work as a consultant, which means a lot of variation in his everyday life.

Goran Dzalto is a Business Developer in Jönköping who works closely with our customers. He gets to know the customers’ business concept and helps them choose the right approach to start their journey.

– I help our customers understand what technologies we can use and what’s best for them. What we at Softhouse are good at and what we can help them with and together we discuss the value of the product. Our customers think it feels safe when they have someone who understands what they need to order and invest in, not too much and not too little, only what they really need, says Goran.

Goran also has a lot of experience working in different systems and he has also a design background in UX. Which is about user-friendliness, how a user experiences a system, website, or an application.

– I have designed flows and designed different parts of the customer’s system that give their users a better experience. I think UX is really fun! I love working close to our customers, becoming part of a team where I get product ownership and designing a part, says Goran.

Right now, Goran is working with two medium-sized companies where one company is about redesigning the user experience for their thousands of users. The second company is about a web application where Goran’s design will solve several aspects of how to use the application, both for the end-user and for those who run the site.

– In addition to that, I also help several smaller customers with their digital journeys and to create new customer contacts, says Goran.

From entrepreneur to a consultant

Before Goran worked at Softhouse, he was an entrepreneur and ran a few different companies. It has been everything from a digital product company, online store, social networking platform, real estate, and a web agency. Through rumors and recommendations, the web agency made Goran end up at Softhouse.

– I was a bit nervous at first to work at Softhouse because I was unsure if I would enjoy working as a consultant. But now I have experienced development opportunities and the people I work with are fascinating and absolutely wonderful, says Goran.

He continues.

– The most fun thing about my job must still be the fact that every week looks different. The consultants, who I have the honor to work with, are a big part of what makes my everyday life at Softhouse exciting and fun. Softhouse is a company that cares about its employees. I think all Softhouse:ers feel seen and appreciated for real. At Softhouse it’s hard to disappear in the crowd, and you always feel like part of something bigger.

But being a consultant is not always an easy task. The tasks vary from customer to customer and the job involves a lot of traveling and meeting new and different people almost constantly.

– It’s the part that I think is fun with our job. However, it can be a challenge when you get a little older, like me, says Goran and smiles.

When Goran is free, he enjoys playing video games with his colleague Nedzad, or spending time with his wife Ivana and their dog Penni.

– In my spare time I like to  go for a walk, watch a movie or a series, or visit our friends and family, says Goran.

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