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by guestwriter


Frida is one of our developers in Karlskrona. She started coding as an 11-year-old , and today she works as a fullstack developer at Softhouse.

Frida Malm is a fullstack developer in Karlskrona. On a daily basis, she works with both front- and backend and currently she is out on an assignment with one of our largest customers. There, Frida works in a team with other people  from Softhouse and they are developing a product that is used worldwide by millions of people. 

– Working as a front- and backend developer suits me perfect. Because I like the variety and to understand the whole concept of a service or product. The most fun thing about being a programmer is to be creative and find an optimal solution to a problem, says Frida.

The challenge to work as a developer is to do “just right”.

– It can be difficult to find a balance between a good solution in terms of code and in the meantime find a solution that is not too time-consuming. If you work with large products, it is important to be consistent, without bringing a lot of foul code, of course. It is also important to make it as frictionless as possible to further develop, says Frida.

Started creating “virtual stables” as an 11-year-old

Frida has been interested in programming since she first heard about it. Her interest in horses made her start with code. When Frida was 11 years old, she was a member of a website for horse enthusiasts. There, users could use code to create their own “virtual stables”.

– It was some kind of xml language and through that I learned the basics in HTML and CSS, says Frida.

When it was time for high school, Frida chose to study the technology program with a focus on programming. After studying, she took a break from programming and worked as a saleswoman in a store for a while. Then she decided to travel the world for a few months.

– It was during my four-month backpacking trip in Southeast Asia that I decided to move to Karlskrona and start studying to become a software developer at BTH. During the last year of college, my “real” business journey began and I became a programmer for another consultancy company. 

She continues. 

– During a project the last semester at the university, I was introduced to Softhouse. I quickly realized that it was the right employer for me. The best thing about Softhouse is definitely the colleagues. We, who work at Softhouse, are not afraid to share our knowledge and ask questions when we do not understand. I believe strongly that if you are humble in your work, you will get really good at what you do. We have an inviting atmosphere in the offices and we are united in how we think about knowledge and performance.

From the computer to the stable

In her free time, Frida prefers to hang out in the stable. Otherwise, she likes to spend time at home with her partner along with their two Bengal cats.

– In my spare time, I also spend a lot of time in front of the computer but with computer games instead , says Frida.

Frida’s secret talent is that she has a photographic memory.

– My memory has helped me through many exams and tests over the years, says Frida.

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