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Categories: Invest, News

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Softhouse, together with their partner CapSek, invests in the Karlshamn-based company NODA Intelligent Systems (“NODA”), which develops sustainable AI-based solutions for the energy-, automation- and real estate industry.

NODA Intelligent Systems develops and markets AI-based solutions for sustainable energy systems with a focus on thermal systems such as district heating, district cooling, gas, heat pumps and geothermal. In 2020, NODA increased their revenue by almost 50%, while at the same time making a profit compared to the year 2019. The focus going forward is to scale up and further develop the business further.

Christian Johansson is one of the scientists who started research early on in AI and multi-agent systems. This is where they spotted an opportunity to transform research into becoming socially beneficial. In 2005, NODA was founded with the idea of optimizing different types of energy systems with a focus on thermal systems that are particularly challenging to control. In 2005 it had its base in Karlskrona, but in 2006 NODA moved to Karlshamn through an investment from “Sparbanken in Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse”. In addition to local customers, such as Karlshamn Energi, they now work with energy companies throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Christian, who is the founder and CEO of NODA Intelligent Systems, describes it all further.

– District heating in Sweden uses a lot of biomass, while a lot of gas and coal is used abroad to run cities. This is the transformation we want to be a part of and change, from fossil to renewable fuel. This particular movement requires more intelligent systems that can make quick calculations on optimal use of the current resource source. The safety margins are smaller in renewable fuel in that it is seldom possible to control the power in such resource sources as, for example, in excess heat or wind strength.

NODA develops advanced AI-based software that helps energy companies optimize the consumption and use of fossil-free and renewable energy sources. The system was originally developed for optimization of district heating systems and can in a smart way calculate supply and demand to achieve more balance in the system.

– We need to get out of fossil dependence around the world and we can help with that by being a support in the energy companies’ digitalisation journey.

Softhouse invests in greentech

Christian Johansson, CEO NODA intelligent system together with Bengt Gustavsson Softhouse Invest.

Softhouse invests in growth companies with projects, solutions and products that have a clear connection to creating a more digital society. Primarily, Softhouse invests active capital where the company can benefit from software craftsmanship, management services, business development and digitization. Which has been a big part of the investment in NODA.

Softhouse Invest’s CEO, Stefan Johansson, says the following about the investment:

– NODA is an exciting company in an interesting and growing market. Their technology is both in time and at the forefront. They fit well into our portfolio of companies with innovative and green solutions. Furthermore, we are pleased that our collaboration with CapSek leads us to go in this together and support NODA on their exciting journey going on forward.

Bengt Gustavsson, who works as CFO at Softhouse, has been involved since the beginning and led the work for Softhouse Invest in this investment.

– Softhouse invests primarily in software companies in Sweden and we always look at the entrepreneur’s strength and the company’s financial development. We want to be involved and contribute to a growing business where we can be involved and scale up the company.

In Blekinge, NODA is the fourth company we look at and the first we invest in. NODA coincides well with our investment strategy – high technology, products readyfor global expansion and has a strong management team.

NODA currently has about 7 employees and a wide range of partners that they work with. It has made a business proof of concept where it has turned a loss into a profit and already has a number of established businesses in Europe and Asia. Together with Softhouse and CapSek, it is hoped to be able to scale up the business further.

Read more about NODA:

Read more about Softhouse Invest:

For more information, get in contact with:

Christian Johansson, CEO, NODA Intelligent Systems

+46 735-309 502

Stefan Johansson, CEO Softhouse Invest

+46 706 -300 453

Rebecka Lindhe, CMO, Softhouse

+46 729 – 829 409

About Softhouse Invest
Softhouse invests active capital in growth companies with a great need for software where they contribute with management and financing services. Softhouse Invest is an active owner who works close to the company while safeguarding the companies’ independence and entrepreneurial spirit. Through a solid background in software development, they contribute with support in digitization, packaging and business development for companies that need to take the next step in their digital journey.

Softhouse Invest has 10 companies in its portfolio and regularly makes investments in software-centered companies that are ready to scale up. Softhouse Invest is part of Softhouse which develops digital business, software and people. Softhouse offers services in software development and digital transformation. The company was founded in 1996 and employs about 300 employees in offices in Malmö, Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Kalmar, Växjö, Jönköping, Stockholm and Sarajevo.

About NODA

NODA Intelligent Systems, with its background in data science, was founded in 2005. The headquarter is situated at NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden, with an additional office in Malmö and partners in Belgium, Germany, Poland, France and UK. NODA has a long history of AI-based innovation in district heating and cooling, and has been a core technology partner in numerous international research projects. By providing the energy sector with its know-how, NODA is at the forefront of designing the new sustainable energy landscape.

NODA has been awarded numerous prizes and awards for its innovative and groundbreaking products and services.

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