by hannahornback


by hannahornback


Hugo Nolte works as a software developer at our office in Karlskrona and likes to dive into different types of problem solving and explore new technologies. When he’s not coding at the office or working on his own software development project, he prefers to renovate his new house together with his partner.

Hugo works with both front- and backend within Javascript and C #, among other stacks. His duties consist of updating and maintaining (retain / management) various different, and exciting, assignments. Right now he is working with updating, management and new development for three different projects in parallel. A website for a brokerage firm, an advisory platform and a staffing planning tool.

– The most fun thing about working as a consultant is the opportunity to use all your knowledge in software development and the chance to be able to participate in all steps in the process of a project, says Hugo.

He continues.

– I like to dive into different problem solutions and come up with smart solutions. Through the job, I get challenging tasks that make me become more engaged and have a positive attitude everyday. Here I have the opportunity to explore new technologies such as new programming languages, frameworks and libraries. I also get the chance to learn new environments such as Amazon Web Services.

Hugo thinks that the biggest challenge as a software developer is the speed at which technology moves forward. You must always be agile and adaptive in your work to stay current in the market.

Softhouse is agile

Before Hugo started working at Softhouse, he studied Software Engineering at Blekinge University of Technology. Through lectures during his education, he came in contact with us.

– I started to like Softhouse and researched what they had to offer, which made me apply for a job and now I’m here, says Hugo.

Hugo describes Softhouse as a company that cares for its employees and is really agile. Here you have the chance to work on interesting projects with motivated and sharp colleagues.

– The best thing about working at Softhouse is the community. This is my first job in the software industry. Which makes it difficult for me to reflect on how the corporate culture at Softhouse differs from other companies. But based on the time I have had with Softhouse so far, I see a strong community between all colleagues. We are passionate, technical and at the same time agile, which means that you never get bored, says Hugo.

From coding to renovation

In his spare time, there will be one or two software development projects and a lot of TV and computer games. There is a lot of variety in games depending on what the friends are interested in playing.

– In addition, there will be some renovation together with my partner because we recently bought a house in the countryside, says Hugo.

He continues.

– But what secret talent do I have? It must be that I have one blue and one green eye, it feels quite unique anyway, says Hugo and laughs.

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