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by rebecka


Categories: News, Press release

by rebecka


Jörgen Persson steps into the role of CEO of Softhouse in Karlshamn and Karlskrona. Softhouse employs about 300 employees in its eight different offices where they work with digital transformation and software development. Jörgen has worked at Softhouse for just over 6 months and is now taking over responsibility for the Southeast region.

Jörgen has a background from several different management roles at Telenor and has previously, among other things, worked with change management and various digitization projects.

– It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jörgen as CEO of the Southeast region with offices in Karlshamn and Karlskrona. Jörgen has been with us for just over six months and has shown his strong leadership qualities and drive and it feels natural that he takes on the role as the new leader for the business in Southeast, says Anna Bäcklin, Group CEO, Softhouse.

Jörgen Persson originally comes from Karlshamn and has for many years worked as a leader at Telenor in Karlskrona and Stockholm. There he has run various change and digitization projects in several different areas. There has always been a focus on change management for Jörgen. He has extensive experience and understanding of a company’s various processes and will naturally be able to get involved in the business areas in which Softhouse’s customers operate. Jörgen believes in collaboration and the good partnership both internally and externally and he sees great potential in the region together with the competence and experience that Softhouse offers

– It feels fantastic to step into the role of CEO of region Southeast with the offices in Karlskrona and Karlshamn. We are in an expansive phase and are constantly looking for new talents to join our team in all our offices. I am convinced that Softhouse with its strong competence and broad experience can create a close collaboration with various companies that are active in and around the region.

– During my first six months, I have received a confirmation of Softhouse’s good reputation with a strong and healthy culture. That we really want to deliver value to our customers and that we care about and stand up for each other. We do this at the same time as we have high ambitions and healthy goals, says Jörgen Persson, CEO of softhouse Sydost.

Jörgen Persson took on his new position on 1st of December 2021. He replaces former CEO Tobias Kummel, who is leaving for other challenges outside Softhouse.

For more information contact:
Anna Bäcklin, Group CEO of Softhouse

0709-800 439

Jörgen Persson, CEO Softhouse Sydost,

070-961 47 88

Rebecka Lindhe, Chief Marketing Officer, Softhouse

0729 – 829 409

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