by hannahornback


by hannahornback


Kerstin Johnsson is our AI expert at our office in Malmö who is passionate about contributing and make a difference in our society. An interest that is close to her heart is to be a part of the technological development that contributes to something positive in the climate area.

Kerstin works as a Machine Learning Engineer at our office in Malmö. Today, she works 80% as a machine learning development consultant for clients. The remaining 20% ​​she works with developing the AI ​​and Machine Learning area at Softhouse.

Right now, Kerstin is working to improve the security of fingerprint recognition for phones and to recruit more people to the AI ​​area at Softhouse. Her favorite tool in her work is Python which is designed with readability in focus. In Machine Learning, Python is the language with the richest ecosystem of tools. Specialized Deep Learning libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch, data management libraries like Pandas and NumPy and many tools for visualization and statistical analysis.

– The best thing about working as a consultant is that you see the company both from the inside and the outside. In addition, through their consulting colleagues, you also get insight into other companies and how software development works in other areas. I think I have already gained a much better understanding of how software companies work, says Kerstin.

She continues.

– The biggest challenge in my work is to find simple solutions. What is simple is not always obvious. A simple solution is a solution that fits well into the existing code base.

I want to contribute and benefit society

Before Kerstin started working at Softhouse, she received her doctorate in mathematics and machine learning through LTH at Lund University. When Kerstin finished her studies, she started working with medical image analysis.

– We developed a system to help doctors assess prostate cancer patients. At the same time, I saw that AI became more and more accessible and could be used for lots of different problems, says Kerstin.

Kerstin became more and more interested in using AI in several areas and being part of the technological development in AI, preferably in climate areas, and applied to Softhouse.

– Since Softhouse develops apps for public transport, and public transport has a key role to play in climate change, it felt like an exciting opportunity, says Kerstin.

She continues.

– What motivates me in my work is to benefit society, to contribute something. But I’m driven to improve things on a daily basis as well. Even in everyday life, I like to find something that I can help to improve – small or bigger things.

Kerstin thinks that the best thing about working at Softhouse is the atmosphere. The most important value word at Softhouse is team, as she means that you do not get far alone.

– It is noticeable that Softhouse is a company that strives for the employees to thrive. The human aspect is always present when talking to managers. The office is nice, and fun activities for us employees. Another thing is that Softhouse cares about me, my skills and development, says Kerstin.

From AI to climate policy

When Kerstin is not at our office in Malmö, she prefers to spend time with her family and is also interested in climate policy.

– I am politically active in the Green Party in Lund and blog about climate policy, says Kerstin.

She continues.

– My secret talent is probably that I am quite musical. Among other things, I like to improvise vocal and flute parts to a kind of musical meditation called the kirtan.

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