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by rebecka


Categories: News, Press release

by rebecka


The consulting and software company Softhouse, with about 300 employees, is expanding further and establishing a new office in Uppsala. Since 2019, they have expanded significantly and they have opened offices in Karlshamn, Kalmar and Jönköping – and now they are opening another one – in Uppsala.

Caption: Måns Wiklander, CEO of the Stockholm region, Jesper Sundien, Magnus Gunnarsson and Uppsala office manager Erik Flodström in new premises at United Spaces in Uppsala.

Softhouse currently has about 300 employees in operations in 8 locations in Sweden and with an office in Bosnia, Sarajevo. The most recent opening was in Kalmar and part of the acquisition of the full-service agency Milou. As interest in Softhouse is continuously increasing and demand for our services is growing, we now see the need to establish ourselves in another location in Sweden.

– It is very gratifying that we now have the opportunity to establish ourselves in another place. Demand for our services is growing all the time and it feels good that we can quickly find the right skills in a new market. When establishing, we start from the right competence, the local customer base and proximity to universities and colleges. We are already 5 people on site in Uppsala and it is always just as fun when our talented employees are such a strong driving force as Erik has been at this establishment, says Anna Bäcklin, CEO of Softhouse.

We are constantly looking for talented talent for our team and a new office means room for more talented employees and even greater delivery capacity. A strong team also builds efficient and smart deliveries and through the strong employee base of about 300 employees, we can deliver according to the capacity that the customer wants.

– I think it’s great fun that we are now establishing ourselves in my hometown. I have been a part of our Stockholm office and the establishment there and the next step is clearly to get closer to the university city of Uppsala. We have a well-thought-out strategy and a large exchange between the offices that creates a larger community where together we really make a digital difference in our customers’ everyday lives. In addition, it is a great strength that we have about 300 specialists in IT and digitization who can help our customers in the best way, says Erik Flodström, Office Manager Uppsala.

Erik Flodström, office manager Uppsala

Softhouse opens its first office in Uppsala at the office hotel United Spaces, starting from 18 January 2022.

For more information contact:
Anna Bäcklin, President and CEO, Softhouse
0709 – 800 439

Erik Flodström, Office Manager Softhouse Uppsala
076 – 183 24 96


Rebecka Lindhe, Marketing and Communications Manager, Softhouse
0729 – 829 409

About Softhouse
Softhouse develops digital business, software and people. Softhouse offers consulting services in software development and digital transformation. The company was founded in 1996 and was one of the first to introduce Agile methodology in Sweden. Softhouse employs about 300 employees in offices in Malmö, Karlskrona, Kalmar, Karlshamn, Växjö, Jönköping, Stockholm and Sarajevo.

Softhouse regularly holds trainings, courses and events through Softhouse Academy, where over 20,000 scrum masters have been trained so far. Softhouse Invest invests in companies with a great need for software where the company contributes with management and financing. In 2021, the full-service agency Milou Communication was acquired.

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