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by hannahornback


For the fullstack developer and system architect Anthon, colleagues are the most important part. He means that through good colleagues, even the most boring tasks can be fun.

Anthon Holmqvist works as a fullstack developer and system architect at the office in Karlskrona. His duties consist of contact with customers, system architecture and fullstack development. Anthon’s favorite tools and languages ​​are TypeScript (programming language) and Jest (test framework). With these, a project can become efficient, simple, productive and sustainable.

– Right now I am working on three different projects with three different customers. There I work with a digital planning tool, a booking system and a system that automatically creates instructions for industrial machines, says Anthon.

What motivates Anthon in his work are challenges, committed customers or an interesting project or domain. No day is the same, every day consists of different challenges, tasks and problems to solve – both technical and non-technical.

– The best thing about working as a consultant is that we can choose and switch between assignments and are able to work with several projects at the same time, says Anthon. 

The challenges in Anthon’s work are different depending on the type of customer and their needs.

– Examples of this are if the budget and time are limited, you need to find a balance between code, test, deploy, customer contact, project management and so on. If I then work with a larger customer, one of the challenges usually is “the other way around”, which is that I spend too much time on code, testing, planning and so on instead of developing the next function, says Anthon.

Colleagues and solidarity

Before Anthon started working with us, he studied International Software Engineering at Blekinge University of Technology, BTH, in Karlskrona.

– During the last year at BTH, I had a large group project with Softhouse and in that way I got in touch with the company. During the summer of 2017, I got a job at Softhouse and since then I have worked with several large and small customers, says Anthon.

He continues.

– The best thing about working at Softhouse are the colleagues and the solidarity. Every day you feel welcome. I can ask anyone about anything and every day I am equally excited about getting to the office and meeting my colleagues and friends. Softhouse has a simple, transparent and unpretentious corporate culture.

If Anthon were to choose one of our values ​​that means the most to him, he would choose the word Team. This is because he thinks that the team and colleagues are what is most important.

– With a good team, the most boring task can be done or a difficult bug solved. It is the team that makes you laugh and have fun at work. From jokes, discussions, or an obstacle you encounter to a customer. I have worked both alone and in teams with 2 people to up to 10 people. Every day of the week I had chosen to work in a team.

From coding to electric vehicles

When Anthon is not at the office in Karlskrona, he spends his free time hanging out with friends, cooking and eating good food, nerding himself in popular culture in various forms such as film, music, books and TV. In addition to this, Anthon likes to play games in various forms such as video games and board games or be out in nature and hike or use his electric vehicle such as Onewheel and EUCs. But then, what secret talent does Anthon have?

– At work, my secret talent is that I can learn new things in a very short time, sometimes within a few hours and sometimes within a few days. In my everyday life, I think my secret talent is that I can cook really good food once I try, says Anthon.

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