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by rebecka


Pierre has worked at Softhouse as a backend developer for just over six months. It was the opportunity to try new things that attracted Pierre to the consulting industry. Here he has experienced a lot of exciting challenges and different techniques in his assignments. Something he appreciates a little extra is the great collaboration with his colleagues.

Pierre Alvarez Gonzalez works from our office in Stockholm. He works as a backend developer in several exciting assignments. Right now he is responsible for delivering products with quality, which in turn means that he must handle everything from development, testing, requirements, bug management, support and planning for the product going forward. Right now he works for a company in the gaming industry that is a little particularly exciting.

– I am working on large non-functional requirements such as that the application should be able to handle large loads, be running all the time, etc. The heavy requirements contribute to more specific solutions that force You to be even more creative in finding the right solution which I think is fun.

There is always someone to talk to 

Something that stands out a little special at Softhouse is that all the colleagues are interested in each other’s jobs and willing to help each other, all the time. This means that you always have someone you can turn to and talk to, which Pierre really appreciates.

Pierre has previously worked at the telecom and product company Qvantel for 3 years. Qvantel is also one of the companies in which Softhouse has invested.

– At Qvantel, I worked on developing the order part of the system. It was through a former classmate and with good words from former softhouse colleagues at Qvantel that made me apply to Softhouse. In addition, I was particularly interested in testing what it is like to be a consultant.

Being a consultant is fun and challenging 

Being a consultant means that you are constantly evolving and one of the biggest, but also most fun, challenges is that you have to get acquainted with new environments and adapt to each customer. This means that you are constantly evolving, both in your work but also as an individual and socially. The value word that Pierre thinks you work with the most at Softhouse is “team” and that we constantly share our knowledge with each other. It is something unique that really puts the finger on the fine corporate culture that prevails in the Company.

But what does Pierre do when he does not solve challenges at work?

– My biggest hobby is cooking. I think it’s fun to learn about different techniques and taste what type of food that fits with what.

In addition, he has a secret talent, namely that he can lick his elbow!

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