by rebecka


by rebecka


For the past eight years I have been a part of Softhouse and it has been incredibly educational and developing years. I myself have had to develop in different roles and I have been involved in building Softhouse as a company.

I started at Softhouse in 2014 in connection with an acquisition that I was entrusted to lead. It was a very useful experience to be part of a merger of two companies. Partly to see what opportunities it provides and partly the challenges that you face and need to take into account to find good solutions, for both parties.

After two years at Softhouse, I took over responsibility for our business in the Southeast. A very exciting journey where we grew with new employees and customers at the same time as we broke off the business in Växjö to become our own unit within Softhouse. During this period, we also established offices in Karlshamn.

In the autumn of 2019, I had another exciting opportunity, namely to take over as CEO of Softhouse Consulting. A task that really gave me a tingle in my stomach that put my own courage to the test. You do not know if you are doing something good until you have tested it and evaluated it. After some thought, I quickly realized that this was a chance I wanted to take. And that it was a great opportunity that would give myself space to develop in many ways. If you have to take on new opportunities that irritate your stomach and test your courage, I can not think of a better place to do it than Softhouse.

Courage is an important quality

Courage is a quality that I think is important for leaders and something we constantly remind each other to dare to act on. It is much easier to be comfortable and drive on “old ruts”, especially when the business is going well. This is exactly when we need to remind each other to dare to try new paths in order to take the next step and grow further as people, leaders and companies. We try to work with this continuously on ourselves, our employees and leaders. To be brave and to go outside one’s own comfort zone and dare to take on challenges and goals that place demands on one’s own performance.

For me, it is important to attract the right people with a focus on goals, results and long-term. However, it is important to have leaders and employees with different skills, leadership styles and personalities. Then everyone can work towards the same goal and direction, but together we can find new alternative paths and solutions going forward.

We code the future

Leading a company under development and growth requires that you continuously work to move and improve your organization. Something we at Softhouse do and then always with our customers’ best in focus. Regardless of whether you are an employee, customer or partner of ours, Softhouse strives for the highest quality in deliveries, culture and working methods. We care about being experienced in the same way, wherever you are, and whatever office you choose to work with.

Softhouse gathers around a common vision, “We code the future”. Together with our customers, we help shape the solutions of the future and build products that create opportunities for many people and companies around the world. To create the absolute best code, we have a strong focus on the technical sustainability of our deliveries. They must be built in a way that enables further development, scalability and innovation. We want to help our customers stay one step ahead and together we code the future.

/Anna Bäcklin

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