by ardiana spahija


by ardiana spahija


Liv Ortiz Andersson is a project manager and product owner at Softhouse based in Växjö. In her role, she works close to both business- and development teams where strategy and vision are typical areas she operates in to lead a product forward and create value for the end-user.

Liv has an exciting background where she has spent much of her career in various industries, including e-commerce, school, and fitness. After working for a few years, she decided it was time for something new and moved from Malmö to Växjö to study at Linnaeus University. She came across a new industry that caught her interest.

– In 2015, I decided to try something new and went to study at Linnaeus University. In connection with one of my essays, I came in contact with the IT industry and immediately felt that “Wow, the Tech industry is pretty cool”. To my surprise, I discovered that it was so far off from just “jolt coke” and difficult abbreviations. There was like a whole new world out there that I wanted to learn all about.

She continues:

– After a few years in the industry, I felt I had enough experience to test my wings again. On several occasions, I heard about Softhouse from both friends and acquaintances, so I decided to apply there and start working as a consultant – something I am pleased about today, says Liv.

Today, Liv is on assignment at Ikea Marketing and Communications with the role of product owner for two products in 3D and collecting metadata. Her main task with both products lies in creating a valuable process where the user is in focus. Focusing on the end-user motivates her as she is passionate about smart solutions and efficient processes.

She explains:

– When you are working with management, especially as a consultant, it is usually about adapting to the current circumstances. There are many good agile frameworks such as WSJF, Lean, Kanban, etc. But far from all work in all organizations or teams.

Being adaptive in a rapidly changing industry is necessary to succeed with good leadership. For Liv, it is often about creating sustainable processes to run a business, or a team, as efficiently as possible. But with infinite possibilities, there are also endless priorities where the biggest challenge is prioritizing correctly.

– In leadership, people usually say that everything is situation-based, and I believe that. To succeed, you need to be adaptable to the recipient. There is so much you can and want to do to improve continually. But when it comes to leadership and strategies, I would say that it is all about prioritizing time to create sustainable processes.

Skills development and transparent leadership attracts 

Softhouse as an employer is many things, but what makes us stand out is our ability to recruit the right people with the right skills. We make sure that our consultants get the right colleagues, and therefore we make sure to hire the very best and those who have a mindset like us. 

– The absolute best thing about working at Softhouse is your colleagues! Softhouse has an outstanding and transparent leadership attitude based on simplicity and a significant focus on team spirit. You never stand alone at Softhouse, regardless of the challenge or the assignment – competent colleagues are always close at hand, says Liv.

Like many other organizations, skills development is close to our hearts. We offer competence development in many different areas to cover the entire organization’s needs and continuously expand our range of training for our consultants and leaders. One proof of this is our business Academy which shows how important this is to us; our consultants are even more ample proof of that. We, therefore, ensure that our consultants always have the opportunity to develop and feel that they are attractive on the market.

– Skills development is not unique; many employers offer it, but Softhouse makes sure that it actually happens and has an extensive range of training. I think this is one of the reasons why so many people love Softhouse; you can always learn something you did not know before.

Liv goes on to say:

– Another thing that distinguishes Softhouse is that you come as you are. Each individual is welcome in their own way, which is one of Softhouse’s strengths. For me, diversity is essential, and it is to Softhouse too, which makes it extra fun to learn from each other and exchange ideas and thoughts. Softhouse has a solid corporate culture with an “open mindset” and respects everyone. We are interested in each other and like to hang out and have fun. Who does not want to have fun at work?

A strong project leader

When Liv is not heading the role of a project manager, she likes to spend time in her home cuddling with her cat, Doris or eating a good dinner – sushi, if she gets to decide. She also has a unique side business where she likes to spend many hours during the week.

– Yes, the truth is that I compete in an old, ancient sport called weightlifting. It takes quite a lot to stay in shape and ready for competition, but it is fantastic that I have the opportunity to have two parallel careers thanks to Softhouse. I have the opportunity to invest in my professional career in parallel with my athletic career. For me, it’s about putting the employee in focus and seeing the individual, which Softhouse does.

Liv is a leader with many talents, but many do not know that she is pretty good at Tetris.

– I have a bit of a hidden talent, yes. I would dare to say that I am a master of Tetris! I started playing Tetris as a teenager and have continued ever since. A match doesn’t take that much time, which means that you have time to do it at any time: a whole Sunday night on the couch but also in fine clothes just before you go to a restaurant.


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