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by guestwriter


Ola Hiselius has worked as a Cloud Solution Architect at Softhouse in Jönköping for the past four months. In his role and daily work, he helps our customers build stable and secure cloud platforms by utilizing the benefits and strengths of being in the cloud.

Ola works with guiding companies and development teams in how they can use Azure DevOps to get good control of their projects and to be able to automate things as installations.

– It is motivating when I can help a customer find smart and effective solutions. When I evolve together with the customer, we discover that we can create better solutions than we initially thought, i.e., when one + one = three, then I thrive best, says Ola.

Almost 40 years in the industry

– I have worked as a developer for many years and still think it is fun and educational, even if I do not practice it in my professional role anymore. My first job as a developer was a summer job in 1984; soon, I can celebrate 40 years in the industry, Ola says happily.

He continues:

– I have worked with the internet since the 90s and focused a lot on helping companies with integration solutions. I have usually had a leadership role as project manager, Scrum Master, Tech Lead, and team leader for the past ten years. My main interest for some time now has been cloud solutions, which I get a chance to develop even more here at Softhouse.

The interest in technology is a driving force

Ola started working in the IT industry because of his interest in technology.

He explains:

– Today, I think I am most motivated when I feel that I am developing and learning new things with others. It is the most fun when I am part of a committed team that finds a common “flow.”

One of the challenges in Ola’s profession, as he describes it, is that today it takes both depth and breadth to create stable and complex solutions because they often have to be integrated with other systems. There are constantly new tools and platforms, so keeping up and knowing which knowledge and technology are relevant is a challenge. To succeed, I take the help of talented colleagues.

When we asked Ola what he thinks is the best thing about Softhouse, he chose, among other things, to emphasize the importance of an excellent corporate culture.

– I feel that there is a curiosity and willingness to learn from each other and develop together. Working with colleagues interested in the same areas and where new ideas are welcome attracted me here, in combination with the freedom to take the initiative and a flat company structure. The culture is open, welcoming, and unpretentious. At Softhouse, we are driven by curiosity and passion rather than a fixed framework for how it has always been.

A team with great passion and courage

Ola thinks that all of Softhouse’s values are equally important – and above all, the combination of them:

– With passion and commitment to what we do comes the team spirit and courage to dare, courage to do the little extra, and courage to fail.

Furthermore, Ola says that the best thing about being a consultant at Softhouse is that he is constantly allowed to develop.

– More than often, I can be one step ahead of the customer with the development of my skills. As a consultant, I do not get stuck in assignments but rather have the opportunity to change projects without changing colleagues and employers.

From the “cloud” to the mountains

In his spare time, Ola prefers to be active. Both adventure sports and outdoor life are great passions. He also likes to work with his hands, preferably with wood, which is not so bad when you live in a house built in the 19th century! He also clarifies that he appreciates time with the family, his wife, three adult children, and the grandchildren – twins of 1.5 years, who are lovely. Something else he is very excited about is his adventure that takes place during the summer. 

– Now, I’m approaching a slightly longer adventure again. This time, I will attempt to cycle about 3000 km via fjords and mountains along Norway’s beautiful coast. It will be a solo trip with complete packing, and I will start in the north, where the snow in June remains, and end at home in Jönköping in mid-July.

Besides being adventurous, Ola also has a hidden talent. 

– Maybe being a “child at heart” counts as a talent? If someone challenges me on something crazy like playing swamp rugby or building a cable car, I have a hard time saying no. I will probably teach the grandchildren a lot of fun, says Ola.

Do you want to be part of our team? We are constantly looking for new employees, look at our vacancies and read more.

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