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Osama Menim is a 27-year-old Android developer who works with developing and maintaining Android Apps – everything from architecture to new development and entertainment. He is based in Malmö and began his journey at Softhouse immediately after finishing his studies. Today, four years later, he works as Android Tech Lead in a project where he is responsible for the flow from new development to delivery.

Osama found his interest in programming through his interest in computers and technology, which led him to LTH and the program Master of Science in Computer Science. He wrote his thesis at Foo Café in Malmö and recommended that he apply to Softhouse, and the rest is history.

– I got in touch with Softhouse via my examination project for Foo Café. During my interview with Ola Persson, responsible for Softhouse Sydväst, he talked about what Softhouse stands for and what it is like to be a part of Softhouse. At that point, I felt that “this is something for me.” I felt welcomed from the start, and I am proud to have had the opportunity to participate and contribute to the strong and positive culture that exists at Softhouse.

Osama continues:

– But it was not just the culture that attracted me. I knew that Softhouse had exciting customers, and I wanted to work with them. I was looking forward to developing and, at the same time, being involved and contributing to society through the customers who make a big difference.

Osama’s first professional job within programming was with us at Softhouse, and he quickly entered the consulting role and community at Softhouse. It did not take long before he got to work on a project that still is close to his heart.

– My first project was Flytoget. It was quite an exciting project that suited me. After a few months, I got the opportunity to be responsible for Flytoget’s Android app and the rest of our public transport apps (Karlstadsbuss, Blekingetrafiken, Östgötatrafiken, and the old version of Skånetrafiken). 

Simplify people’s everyday lives motivates Osama

Osama is a developer who is really passionate about being able to participate and contribute to society and simplify people’s everyday lives.

– The feeling of seeing other people use the functionality that I have developed together with my team is indescribable, Osama says proudly.

He continues:

– A scenario when I got to experience that feeling was when I was in Oslo for work and visited Oslo Airport. I stood on the platform and saw how hundreds of customers used the app and the functionality that I had developed with my team. At that moment, I understood that I had managed to contribute to society.

Furthermore, Osama says that the best thing about his profession as a consultant is that every workday is different. Facing new challenges and different variations of tasks every day is something he is motivated by. Coding three different tasks during the same day, of which they have three different solutions and challenges – is a completely normal day for Osama. 

Osama also says that the one of biggest challenges in the profession is to get a holistic view of all the code in a project and to twist and turn the code to create new functionality and thereby transfer the solutions from thought to high-quality code. Reliability, performance, and maintainability are important components of high-quality code.

Humble and sharp colleagues

– The best thing about working at Softhouse is the community and colleagues! I usually work in a team, and it is important to have outstanding and helpful colleagues to create high customer value and have fun at work, says Osama.

When we asked Osama which of Softhouse’s values ​​his heart beats for a little extra, he answered, not entirely unexpectedly; Team!

– As previously mentioned, it is essential to work in a good team that is goal-oriented and strives to create high customer value. We work together and help each other to achieve our goals.

Furthermore, Osama says that the corporate culture is one of the biggest reasons he has enjoyed his four years at Softhouse as an Android developer. 

– Humble and sharp colleagues who are very helpful. I always look forward to our conferences and joint activities where everyone gathers because I get to meet colleagues I usually don’t see in person – and have fun together, says Osama.

From one computer to another

Even though Osama spends much of his working time in front of the computer, he also likes to spend an hour or two playing computer games. But programming and computer games are not the only things he enjoys. He loves spending time with his family and friends and playing Soccer. Soccer is a big passion of Osamas, and you can find Osama either in the stands to cheer on his team or on the pitch with his friends!

Osama also has a secret talent – a remarkable ability to capture small details.

– It can be anything from where the milk is placed in the refrigerator to meaningless details I have read in a book. I was the person who had answers to all sorts of questions from classmates during high school and college. I can also add that this trait is to my advantage when programming, says Osama with a big smile. 


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