by ardiana spahija


by ardiana spahija


Hannah Cole Tugendraich has worked at Softhouse for five years and is one of the consulting managers in the Southwest region. She has a personnel science degree and several years of experience as a store manager in the clothing industry. In 2018, however, she felt it was time to move on and try something new. Three months later, she received a job offer that was the starting point of her career in the IT consulting industry.

When Hannah came to Softhouse, she started working with People & Culture at Softhouse in Malmö; a relatively newly established role at the company with varying tasks linked to the employees’ well-being – but also Softhouse Academy. Now, just over five years later, she is a Consultant Manager with personnel responsibility for 14 employees in Malmö and Lund.

– I firmly believe that employees are the heartbeat of every organization and good business results start with good people. Hannah says that when people are “all-in” and feel supported, educated, rewarded, and motivated, they will do what it takes to succeed as individuals and in a team.

Softhouse has been in a solid expansive growth phase for a few years and aims to become even more software professionals in more places around our elongated country.

– In the last month alone, we have onboarded six new colleagues – Softhousare, if you will – to the team in Malmö and Lund. Finding new talent in our industry is always challenging as the competition is fierce. But at the same time, it is an incredibly wonderful feeling when you know that you have found the person you are looking for and can offer a place with us at Softhouse, says Hannah.

She continues:

– We have a beautiful mix of individuals and diversity here at Softhouse and strive to have so. It feels a little extra in the heart when I see new Softhouseers, whom I have been involved in and recruited, contributing uniquely to our corporate culture and team Softhouse. Everyone is welcome just the way they are here. 

A “people first” culture

At Softhouse, we care that everyone has the chance to challenge themselves and their team. For us, it is obvious to back up our employees with various development skills and that you, as a colleague and employee, are involved and contribute to a good culture of cooperation and communication throughout Softhouse.

– I have had to challenge myself daily and have grown as an individual with my new knowledge in a culture where knowledge sharing and being helpful is a matter of course. Another important part of my work is to have a constant dialogue with our employees so that they can grow together with Softhouse. For example, we are keen to match the right person with the right team and assignment. It is important for both satisfied customers and employees, says Hannah.

She continues:

– We spend a large part of our everyday lives on our work. I am passionate about the people around me having as good conditions as possible to do their jobs and at the same time feel good. Hannah says that at Softhouse, there is a genuine interest in building relationships with colleagues – regardless of which office you are in – which is a must in a good culture of collaboration and communication.

When we ask Hannah which of our four values ​​she feels for most, she answers the following:

– The combination of all our values ​​is what makes our corporate culture. But if I have to choose one, I will say team; I strongly believe in the strength of doing things together and the social security it provides.

From the office to the trampoline and home-grown vegetables

When Hannah is not at any of our offices in Skåne, she is most likely at home fixing things in the garden or traveling with her family.

– I have a passion for traveling and discovering new cultures. My family and I travel (before the pandemic) as much as we can, often to London as both my husband and I have family there.

She continues:

– But during the summer I love being outdoors and fixing in the garden. I enjoy everything from mowing the lawn and planting to growing my vegetables. Nothing is better than a salad made from home-grown vegetables on a warm summer evening. As a mother of three, I can add that I make time to play with my kids and join them on the trampoline quite a lot.

When we ask Hannah if she has any secret talent, she smiles a little extra and tells us that she is a master at organizing.

– I can organize everything – big and small. And I love doing that!


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