Categories: Invest, News, Press release

by Ardiana Spahija


Categories: Invest, News, Press release

by Ardiana Spahija


T-Kartor, one of Softhouse’s portfolio companies, continues to go from strength to strength. The project with the Swedish Transport Administration scaled up this summer – a procurement T-Kartor won with Softhouse as a subcontractor and benefitting from the ingredient Softhouse contributes with as a co-owner.

The project for the Swedish Transport Administration is an operational management system (OLS) to proactively provide decision support, follow-up, and management of disruptions in the railway network. T-Kartor makes the delivery with a team reinforced by Softhouse’s development capacity and competence. T-Kartor has its core business in advanced interactive map solutions for, among other things, security, and the OLS project with the Swedish Transport Administration will run for several years.

The project means a great deal to us and is just the beginning to meet the great need we see in the Public Safety sector, says Christer Pihl at T-Kartor. We have a unique competence and product, GIMS (GeoInformation Management System), to meet the high-security requirements these socially critical systems require. With Softhouse’s help, we are confident in building the structural capital we need over time and delivering with the right capacity and competence.

Softhouse invests in software-intensive companies contributing with capital and hands-on support with its software development and communication expertise. The support can involve strategic board-level input to strengthen software competence or further product development. Softhouse can also assist with removing bottlenecks in delivery and software development in periods of fast growth. Softhouse became a partner in T-Kartor in 2018 and has helped the business in various ways to make it grow and be able to deliver when demand increases sharply.

The project with the Swedish Transport Administration shows the strength of our concept of investing in software-intensive companies where both parties can benefit greatly from the relationship, says Anna Bäcklin, Group CEO at Softhouse. We invest in the company, and we help develop the company and strengthen software development processes. We can proudly state that we have a booming T-Kartor in Softhouse’s investment portfolio and are now also working closely together on an extensive project.


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