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Robin Lundin is 32 years old, based in Växjö, and is a star in design. Robin is a returnee who began his professional journey at Softhouse as a developer, tested his wings elsewhere – and then returned to Softhouse.

Robin has tested slightly different professions and roles during his career, which we will dive deeper into later on. He is currently working on an assignment with a customer as a UX designer, mainly working with the customer’s self-service portal for corporate customers.

– As a designer, I am the one who takes the users’ perspective into product development which can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. It’s all about understanding the users and their needs to be able to design pleasant and useful products. More than often, it results in doing some form of research, such as interviews and looking at quantitative data, then developing flowcharts and prototypes that developers will realize in the future. 

Robin says he loves all the challenges a designer might encounter and is passionate about the creative process and testing new ideas and concepts from several perspectives within the team.

From electrician to a developer to a designer

Like so many others, Robins’s professional journey has not been self-evident and straightforward.

– My professional life began with studying the electrical program at high school with a focus on “installation,” which led to 4-5 years as an electrician at an industry in Osby where I grew up. After that, I started studying Media Technology at Linnaeus University, where I graduated from the Interactive Digital Media program. During my education, I worked extra as an assistant professor at the university, where I taught and helped in a research project, mainly as a front-end developer.

He continuous: 

– I started working at Softhouse in Växjö after graduating. During my first years, I mainly worked with Front-end development and also some design. During this period, I also spent a year teaching front-end development and design at the polytechnic! After three years, he says it was time to test my wings in another company as a product designer, which eventually led to a product ownership role.

But after 1.5 years away from Softhouse, he chose to return to us.

– 1.5 years away from Softhouse was enough for the longing for home to be too great, he says with a smile.

– What I missed most was, above all, the culture, the people, and not least, the role as a consultant. The office we have in Växjö is not too big to be personal but not so small so that it will be lonely. The feeling that you are a slightly smaller group but still hundreds of passionate and helpful colleagues around all other offices it’s an incredible feeling, says Robin.

To combine the best of two worlds

He also says that the best thing about being a consultant is getting the best of both worlds. The combination of working and developing an exciting project or assignment but also having the entire Softhouse at your disposal is something that Robin values.

He also describes that the best thing about his job is to hang out with creative and passionate colleagues, which leads us to which of Softhouse’s four values ​​is closest to his heart.

– Passion! It is a privilege to be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do, says Robin.

Another passion that Robin has is to share his knowledge with others, both colleagues and students.

– What I think is the most fun and rewarding is perhaps sharing my and others’ knowledge. After a few years in education and out in different companies, you quickly see that we are many who struggle with similar challenges; technical but also what we face as individuals. Either it is the stress and pressure of what is expected of us when we graduate or to come up with the most creative and well-thought-out solutions to complex problems. Being able to help colleagues and students feel safer and more secure and encourage them to move forward with a little more confidence is one of the best things I know.

Creative digital creation in 3D

Robin also likes to do design in his spare time, but in slightly different forms than what he does in his profession, namely 3D.

– I got my eyes open for 3D and animation already during the training where I and Hans (then fellow student and now Softhouse colleague), among other things, created a game for an arcade machine where we made the graphics in 3D. If you, like me, have a brain that usually goes at full speed with one idea a little weirder than the other, 3D is perfect because there you can create everything, says Robin.

He continues:

– I had previously painted a lot of acrylics, but with the new possibilities in 3D, I put the brushes on the shelf and began to realize my concept and ideas through short animations. The common thread in what I create is to do something that I know people do not expect, preferably with humor or some thoughtful message. We are so framed in what we “know” about things and what will happen, then I think it’s fun to create something completely unexpected, Robin concludes.

Were you curious to take a closer look at Robin’s 3D animations? Then check out his Instagram here.


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