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by ardiana spahija


Categories: Articles, News

by ardiana spahija


Before the Sweden Rock Festival, +40,000 visitors gather outside Sölvesborg in Blekinge to enjoy four days of heavy guitar riffs. Managing the mile-long queues of vehicles arriving at the festival grounds has become a challenge for the police and made headlines in newspapers. Rosenlunds Camping, located 800 meters from the festival entrance, contacted Softhouse to solve the challenge.

Rosenlunds Camping, with its 3,000 places, is only available in connection to the festival, and thousands of heavy metal fans stay here to enjoy festival life comfortably. Providing a check-in- and booking system and a website that can handle a large influx of people was the challenge that Softhouse had to solve – in a concise matter of time!

We were given the challenge to develop a system in a short matter of time that could check in more guests and do so faster than the old system before the 2022 festival. By solving this, we would also solve the problem the police had with blocked roads around Rosenlund’s campsite, as it has been a big issue in the past, says Roger Smith at Softhouse. In addition, we also had 3,000 bookings that were postponed several times due to the corona pandemic, which we needed to handle smoothly.

Softhouse customized and delivered the website, admin- and customer portal, and APIs. The system was built to handle high loads and function flawlessly, even in offline mode. Previously, check-in took about 30 seconds per camping unit, but after Softhouse’s effort, it only took 10 seconds.

With the new system that Softhouse tailored for us, we shortened our check-in times considerably, says Mikaela Rosenlund, who is behind Rosenlund’s camping. The result is satisfied customers, a better working environment, and more efficient procedures. I couldn’t be happier!

Softhouse streamlined the work with a CI/CD-inspired workflow where the entire code base among other things has automated tests. The system is built so that you can deliver new versions within a few minutes for testing or production. Payson payment solution was integrated as well.

The codebase is based on TypeScript and Nuxt.js in Frontend; and TypeScript and Koa.js in Backend. In addition, we have added support to build infinite deliverables using configurations for the customer portal, admin portal, associated APIs, and database. This flexibility is powered by AWS and the AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) and makes it easy for Softhouse to deliver multiple environments for testing and production, says Anthon Holmqvist, Full-stack developer at Softhouse.

Another advantage of the new system is that everyone working with the check-in during the festival could walk around with their phones and check people in at their convenience.

The check-in worked so smoothly and without queues that the police, which is used to dealing with the traffic situation with kilometer-long queues out on the old E22, wondered what we had done to solve it so smoothly, says Mikaela Rosenlund.

The collaboration with the Rosenlunds was originally intended to result in a system exclusively for Rosenlunds Camping with its 3,000 sites. But when Rosenlunds took the step to run Rock ‘n’ Camp as well, with an additional 5,000 tent pitches, Softhouse helped set up the corresponding system there as well.

It was great fun that we received so much positive feedback, concludes Roger Smith. It is a project that many were directly affected by, and we are delighted that it worked without any issues.


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