by Ardiana Spahija


by Ardiana Spahija


Used correctly, there are huge benefits to using Cloud services, such as security, scalability, and simplicity. But if you do not have a plan for how to achieve it or lack previous experience with cloud services, there is a risk of missing out on many of the benefits. And you risk paying more than necessary.

At Softhouse, we have a long and broad knowledge of building and operating solutions in various providers’ cloud platforms. We have experience and competence in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – and are proud partners to all of these. We are now a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner, which shows both our wide experience and excellence within the platform.

We are actively working to strengthen our partnerships, and it needs to feel safe to choose Softhouse as a supplier regardless of the environment or environments you have chosen to work in, says Ola Hiselius, Cloud Architect at Softhouse.

Many companies have started their journey towards using more and more cloud services, and it is a development journey that needs to be done over a more extended period of time. To take advantage of the full potential of cloud services, companies strive for a maturity known as Cloud Native. At that level, the possibilities are fully utilized while looking at the whole, where everything from microservice architecture and CI/CD is included.

We help our customers with precisely this and find a level adapted to their needs. Not all solutions are suitable for Cloud Native.

Ola continues:

More and more customers see our competence in the field and choose to cooperate with us to succeed and avoid pitfalls. We also see that many consultants would like to work for someone who invests in these areas.

At Softhouse, we have long seen the strength and possibilities of these technologies, and the area is growing with more coworkers with a passion for cloud solutions. Many of our coworkers also choose to get certified in Cloud through the Softhouse competence program. The fact that Softhouse is now a Gold Partner is a strong signal that the delivery of the solution maintains the quality required in a business-critical environment.



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