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by Ardiana Spahija


Categories: Articles, News

by Ardiana Spahija


Softhouse is the first company to join Företag Komplett by Skånetrafiken to make it easier for employees to travel smart and sustainably. Tickets, as a benefit, enable employees to efficient and low-cost travel to the office. The employee outside office hours can also use the monthly ticket. The collaboration with Skånetrafiken is a concrete measure for Softhouse and its employees to reduce their climate footprint.

After the pandemic, working from home, and car commuting, it is essential to encourage movement and to meet up in the offices again. Softhouse wanted to see if tickets as a benefit could help the employees to contribute more to the sustainable transition.

It has become an appreciated benefit among our employees, and it is something we are proud to offer as an employer, says Ola Persson, CEO at Softhouse Sydväst. At Softhouse, we have been developing ticketing solutions for public transport for more than 15 years. Now we want to encourage commuting by public transport, concludes Ola.

According to Skånetrafiken’s environmental report, in 2022, Softhouse employees made 17,000 trips and reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 57 tons by traveling with Skånetrafiken instead of by car. More about the calculation can be found here:

I already travel by public transport, but with tickets as a benefit, I travel much cheaper, and I travel by public transport to a greater extent. Best of all, I can also use my ticket privately and reduce my climate footprint even more, says Anneli Svensson, developer at Softhouse.


To achieve Företag Komplett, the company needs to buy period tickets for three months corresponding to a certain percentage of the company’s employees. The percentage requirement is different depending on the municipality in which the company is located.

When the companies meet the requirements, they can take part in various benefits from Skånetrafiken.

Free “trial ticket” for new employees

Coupon of 15% of the purchase value to buy new tickets for

15% discount on infotainment (Skånetrafiken’s marketing channels)

Right to use the “Complete” Seal

Example: If the company has 100 employees and is headquartered in Malmö (where the requirement for 2022 was 25.4%), then they need at least 25.4 purchased season tickets per month on average over three months in a row. As a salary benefit, a 30-day ticket for the middle zone would only cost SEK 294 in benefit tax compared to the regular ticket price of SEK 949. In this example, we have assumed that the employee has an income tax of 31%.

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