Categories: Academy, Articles, News

by Ardiana Spahija


Categories: Academy, Articles, News

by Ardiana Spahija


Mark International Women’s Day together with us at Softhouse and WiTech – in Växjö!

Let’s talk about female role models!

Every story is different. Career possibilities within the tech industry are endless. Women need more platforms to be heard and to share their stories. The theme for this event is Female Role Models, where we will listen to inspiring stories and experiences by women in the industry. The event will give us the opportunity to talk about the challenges and possibilities we see in the IT/tech industry, share knowledge, create awareness, and of course – network and have fun!

The last day of registration is March 6, so make sure to sign up in time!

Good to know:

Date: 8 March 2023
Time:  17:00 – 20:00
Venue: Softhouse Växjö
Language: English



Liv Ortiz Andersson / Project Manager @ Softhouse

Erdelina Kurti / Postdoctoral Researcher @ Department of Informatics/Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University

Monica Skagne / former CEO at Växjö kommun and leader in tech since the late 80s

Christina Bizoumi / Digital leader working with product management at IKEA Marketing and Communications

More information and speakers will be presented shortly. 


About WiTech

“WiTech is a Network Created by Women for Women”

The network wants to raise awareness of the possibilities in jobs related to IT. Due to an over representation of men within jobs related to IT and a lack of female role models, some women might feel lonely in the field. That’s why WiTech was created. WiTech is not bound to any companies which makes this network open for everyone. We want the network to be a place where we can exchange knowledge, inspire others and show the variety of roles within the field.

We also have a strong commitment to inspire the next generation of Girls to work with IT or choose to study IT. WiTech also aims to create more female role models. The IT-industry is evolving rapidly, and we need as many qualified people as possible, but the number of females in the IT-industry and the number of females who study IT is still low.


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