by Ardiana Spahija


by Ardiana Spahija


Casper Björk is 25 years old and has worked as a Fullstack developer for two years, and right after he got his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, he set his sights on Softhouse. His tasks include the development of new code, finding solutions to bugs, and improving current code.

Casper has a general interest in technology and computers but believes that the unknown is the challenging part of his profession as a developer. Seeing a bug in the program during a run and then trying to find where this error can come from is difficult, especially in extensive projects where the code is written for a long time. But for Casper, the challenges are also what is fun about the profession.

I like the feeling when you finish a section of code and can take a step back to see what you can improve. Ultimately, I want to build something I can be happy with, and the code I create becomes personal to me. The best feeling is when everything is ready, I am satisfied, the code reviewer is happy, and the customer is satisfied. I like the process, says Casper.

Open company culture is key

Casper describes the corporate culture at Softhouse as open and inviting – very open even. He emphasizes the importance of having an open culture where all employees are involved every month with how the company is doing and how we are moving forward. He also explains how important it is that all employees have their voices heard.

We get many opportunities to share if something is wrong or has potential for improvement, as Softhouse is open to receiving suggestions for improvement. This openness contributes to why the word Team is the best way to describe the culture. If you are transparent enough and open to change, you can build a company and culture that cares for the team, says Casper.

While we’re on the topic of culture and its importance, Casper also wants to highlight how much fun you can have at work if you have great colleagues.

You can talk to any colleague in the office, which makes you feel welcome, and you, in turn, open up to learning more from each other. It also makes it fun at work. I also like how Softhouse focuses on being able to talk to each other and hang out with everyone together at the AWs, Friday breakfasts, and the conferences and conference trips we go on, he says.

He continues:

As I mentioned earlier, the word team describes Softhouse well. Of course, the other values (simplicity, courage, and passion) also fit well at Softhouse, but Team is the best. Maybe I am biased as I work in a delivery team, but it is felt by all colleagues, even those who work with customers themselves, he concludes.

Computers, technology, and problem-solving

Casper’s passion for technology and problem-solving aligns with his profession. He finds the creation delightful, and going from the requirement to a finished feature is another fun aspect. But the best part, he says, is when you have finished analyzing the requirements and can start working with the code.

Problem-solving is one of my profession’s best parts, especially problem-solving with technical problems. I have always found computers and technology fascinating, mainly because there is always an explanation for the computer’s or technology’s behavior. A computer only does exactly what you say, so no matter how strange the problem is, there is always a solution to the problem, says Casper.

As mentioned before, Casper has a passion for technology. Like most developers, he has his go-to tools and programming languages, and it is clear which language he prefers to work with.

Favorite? Java for me. I have now worked a lot with Java and worked the way I think you should work with Java; in large projects. I like the structure you get from Java, everything has its place, and the code is relatively easy to read. Java holds your hand if you are new but can also be advanced if you so wish, says Casper.

When work and leisure go hand in hand

According to Casper, the best thing about being a consultant is meeting and working with multiple technologies. Currently, he works with Java and Vue.JS, but if he changes assignments, he might work with other new technologies, which he always finds appealing.

Even if I don’t change assignments, I can come across other technicians by talking to colleagues who work on other projects. It’s something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do if I worked at a product company, he says.

Casper also says that his interest in technology is a big part of his everyday life, from leisure to work. It goes hand in hand, which he’s grateful for.

In my spare time, computer games take up most of my time, but also board games. It’s fun to hang out with friends and play board games face-to-face, but also to relax in front of a good computer game and have my friends on the other side of the screen. As a competitive person, I am also interested in watching e-sports, racing, and American football. I have also taken the time to run racing games in an online league, which is also very fun.

He concludes:

It started with me trying to drive an F1 game at a friend’s house who had a steering wheel with mechanical resistance and fell in love with racing. I had only played with an Xbox controller before, but now I had a steering wheel that reacted to what was happening with the car in the game. Once you go from a standard control to a “real” steering wheel, you don’t go back. Now I have my own steering wheel, and I found a larger community that organizes a recurring league. In this league, the importance of racing nicely and fairly is emphasized, which is the best aspect of racing. 


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