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by ardiana spahija


system developer at softhouse

Meet Anneli Svensson – an experienced system developer and a team player! Anneli Svensson is a 51-year-old system developer currently working as a backend developer for our client Skånetrafiken. She is involved in everything from gathering requirements and software design to programming. Anneli has been with Softhouse for almost three years, and the last two and a half years have been spent with the Skånetrafiken team.

I’m really enjoying my assignment at Skånetrafiken! I’m currently working on a backoffice system that uses outdated technology, where I, together with the team, am building a completely new system. We are utilizing newer frameworks, among other things, says Anneli Svensson, system developer at Softhouse in Malmö.

But let’s rewind the clock and take a look at Anneli’s professional journey for a moment. Her journey began in middle school when she took a programming course in BASIC at ABF (Adult Education Association) with her father. Although she was drawn to programming, she worked as a childcare worker in preschool and after-school programs for about seven years before entering the IT industry.

Before joining Softhouse, I worked at two other product companies where I worked on systems for eldercare, electronic prescription, and the tire industry, among others, says Anneli. 

A day at work as a backend developer

When Anneli joined Softhouse in Malmö, she initially worked on different projects. After about six months, she joined the Skånetrafiken team and has since spent her full working hours coding in existing and new systems for the client, which she really enjoys!

At the moment, my assignment is to build a completely new system where I’m actually using newer technologies, including cloud services like Azure, which is quite exciting and developmental, explains Anneli.

Helping others is what motivates Anneli in her work, making her a skilled system developer. When it comes to favorite tools or programming languages, she says she doesn’t have a favorite but has been working with C# for about 20 years and likes it because there is plenty of documentation and examples available if she gets stuck on something.

Team, problem-solving, and development – an appreciated trio

Softhouse is a company that cares deeply about ensuring employees are satisfied with their assignments and continuously works to ensure a good work-life balance.

Even though Softhouse is a large company, they work hard to maintain the great and well-known culture that characterizes all our 11 offices in Sweden and the office in Sarajevo, Bosnia. You really get the feeling of a ‘small’ company that is skilled at coding and utilizes all the competence within the company, says Anneli.

She continues:

I’m really enjoying my time at Softhouse, primarily because of the nice, kind, and helpful colleagues. It feels like a family when everyone gathers, and I appreciate the opportunity and time to learn new things.

So, what’s the most enjoyable part of Anneli’s job? She points out that it’s the varied tasks. She loves solving tricky problems, preferably in a team and says she feels quite satisfied when she manages to solve them. But she also mentions that there are more challenging problems than others.

It’s fun with problem-solving, but perhaps the biggest challenge in my job is being an ‘expert’ in the business and keeping up with all the new technology. Everything moves so fast, development and programming don’t stand still, says Anneli.

When asked which of our four core values she would choose as her favorite, she said, “Team.

I favor the word team! Simply because I believe that when working as a team, we complement each other. And that’s a beautiful thing! 

Card games, trumpets, and fishing

But what does a senior system developer like Anneli Svensson do when she’s not coding or building systems?

When I’m not coding, I actually play the trumpet to the fullest. I’m a member of three different brass orchestras. We play everything from marches to film music and pop.

She continues:

But that’s not all. I also enjoy fishing, and lately, especially fly fishing, preferably for trout, sea trout, and grayling.

When asked if Anneli has a secret talent, she responds as follows:

I don’t know if it’s a secret, but I dare say that I’m quite good at card games and have a bit of a talent for getting good cards in various card games, at least in Plump and Skitgubbe, she says laughing.

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