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by Ardiana Spahija


Categories: Articles, News

by Ardiana Spahija


Baton Twirling IBTF systemutveckling full image

Baton Twirling IBTF systemutveckling

Softhouse develops a new efficient and more eco-friendly system for International Baton Twirling Federation (IBTF). IBTF is a leading organization that organizes baton twirling competitions worldwide. For the longest time, the organization had been using an outdated system for scoring and data entry, both inefficient and time-consuming. When it was time to go for a more modern and digital system that is efficient and eco-friendly, they got in contact with Softhouse.

The primary challenge Softhouse faced from the get-go was to replace the outdated system that was inefficient and time-consuming, requiring pen and paper-based scoring and manual data entry into Excel files. The organization had high paper consumption and much manual labor during competitions. And they needed to upgrade their system due to rule changes coming in 2024 and potential inclusion in the Olympic Games.

From student project to competitive success

The project began back in January 2022 and is an ongoing project to this day. It started as a student project with one senior developer from Softhouse accompanied by 12 students – a team of eight developers, two designers, and two project leaders. Together they tackled the challenges of coding a new, modern, and easy-to-use system while working agile.

The first release was six months into the project, and it was a scaled-down version of the system that handled the presentation for the live stream and arena. Although it was a scaled-down version, it was still a significant improvement from the outdated system used before. And we delivered it just in time to be used during the World Cup, says Edward Savbrant, Consultant manager at Softhouse.

An innovative system for judges and administrators

After the first release, it was time to go deeper into the code and develop a system working for judges and administrators. This phase in the project was all about replacing the use of pen and paper-based scoring and all manual data entry into Excel files during competitions. It took yet another six months for this release to happen. We launched in December 2022, and it is the version that is being used and will be used in competitions throughout 2023, including the Scottish European Championship qualifiers and some local Swedish national championship qualifiers.

At this point, we included a brand new working system for judges and administrators. We worked with both frontend and backend, React and NodeJS to be specific, and we went with Microsoft SQL (database) and Microsoft Azure (cloud) for this project, says Robin Heidari, developer at Softhouse.

He continues:

We coded/developed a system that is both intuitive and has a nice look and feels to it while going much more eco-friendly compared to how the scoring was handled before. We actually got feedback from one of the Swedish head judges who said: “Wonderful! Now I don’t need to spend a whole hour signing papers during competition days,” and from the IBTF official competition announcer during VM2022 saying, “It is very easy to use and an efficient way to get the scores before I present them.”

Right now, the team is working on the upcoming release that will include more features and a brand-new (restructured) database to handle the new rules coming in 2024.

Softhouse digital system for IBTF

To tackle the challenges and deliver IBTF, an efficient and modern digital system, Softhouse developed a tablet and laptop-based system for judges and administrators, providing an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to pen, paper, and Excel. The system included features such as real-time scoring and data entry, automatic calculations, and instant updates, making it easier for judges to evaluate and score performances accurately and quickly.

Softhouse’s partnership with IBTF is an excellent example of how technology can streamline sports competition scoring and data entry processes. The new system has helped WBTF to reduce paper consumption, save time, and increase accuracy in scoring, making it easier for judges and administrators to evaluate and score performances accurately and quickly. With Softhouse’s continued support, WBTF is well-positioned to meet the challenges of the future!


More about Baton Twirling

In the world of Drill, Baton Twirling is a popular feature, particularly in the United States. This dynamic performance art involves skillfully manipulating a metal or plastic baton while executing an array of choreographed body movements, including dance steps and jumps, all timed to music. In competitive drill events, baton twirling serves to captivate audiences while showcasing the exceptional athleticism and talent of the participants.

For an even more impressive routine, baton twirling can be combined with other equipment handling, such as flags or rifles. Judges at drill competitions evaluate baton twirling routines based on a range of factors, such as technique, difficulty, and artistic expression.


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