by Ardiana Spahija


by Ardiana Spahija

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Meet Nashmil Mobasseri, a true star in UI/UX design at Softhouse. She leverages her expertise to enhance digital experiences for users worldwide. With a solid background spanning art, psychology, and technology, Nashmil has found her niche in creating intuitive and accessible user interfaces. Her work at Softhouse, where she currently designs an internal system for IKEA, demonstrates her ability to blend user needs with innovative design.

I am a devoted advocate for all things UI/UX design. I love to share my knowledge and inspire others.

Nashmil continues:

Recently, I have also started doing this in a format called at Softhouse; a format that opens up new opportunities for me to share my knowledge and experience by taking the stage and speaking passionately about what I truly love. Most recently, I gave a lecture titled “Sustainable UX Design in Malmö,” which turned out to be very well-received, Nashmil shares.

From Art to Code to Design

Nashmil’s career path is an inspiring journey of continuous learning and personal development. It all started when she was about 15 years old and took her first course in Corel and Photoshop. This early introduction to design turned into a passion that would later form the basis of Nashmil’s career. With a mother as an artist and interior designer and a sister as a fashion designer, Nashmil was surrounded by creativity from the start. After founding a travel agency and studying tourism management, Nashmil decided to delve deeper into the world of design and technology.

I chose to deepen my knowledge in psychology, sociology, and leadership, which led her to a master’s degree in service management from Lund University and later a second master’s degree in digital design, Nashmil shares.

Her decision to join Softhouse was driven by the company’s commitment to technical excellence, passion for skill development, and user-centered design, which, in Nashmil’s eyes, perfectly matched her own values.

Being part of the Softhouse team gives me a unique opportunity to continue growing as a designer. Softhouse is great in that way. I feel that I have the freedom but also the support I need to become an expert in my area while also inspiring others along the journey.

Design with a Purpose

Nashmil Mobasseri’s work is deeply rooted in a passion for improving lives through design.

My passion and driving force in my work as a UI/UX designer is to improve people’s lives. By focusing on accessibility and inclusion, I always strive to create solutions that are welcoming for everyone, regardless of their abilities or background, she shares.

Nashmil’s interest in human behavior and behavioral science is fundamental to her design process.

Studies on human behavior offer invaluable insights, which help me create engaging and effective design solutions, Nashmil shares.

When it comes to tools and techniques in UI/UX design, Nashmil is particularly fond of Figma. She shares:

Figma is definitely my favorite tool. Its ability to facilitate real-time collaboration and its user-friendliness make Figma an indispensable tool in my design process, and I highly recommend it.

Life Beyond the Design World

Nashmil finds balance and inspiration through a variety of creative and physical activities outside work. From ceramics and calligraphy to landscape photography, Nashmil enjoys exploring different art forms that reflect her passion for beauty and expression.

I enjoy photography and practicing Nastaliq calligraphy. But I also try to stay active through Crossfit, Tabata, Yoga, and Pilates, she shares.

Another interesting aspect of Nashmil’s life is her love for travel.

I have visited 53 countries so far. Travels are my adventures that enrich my life and work. The journeys give me new perspectives and inspiration that I bring into my design work, she reveals.

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