Måns Wiklander new CEO of Softhouse Consulting Stockholm AB

The board of directors of Softhouse Nordic has appointed Måns Wiklander as new CEO of Softhouse Consulting Stockholm AB.

New investment in Stockholm takes place following the sale of Salesforce consultants to Fluido last year. Now the plan is to start a number of partnerships with companies where delivery can be made from Softhouse’s various offices in Sweden, Poland and Bosnia.

– Måns will be a key person for Softhouse Consulting and Softhouse Invest’s continued growth and future strategy. He has a large network of customers and partners as well as ideas about possible new future acquisitions. He will contribute to our vision to be the leading flexible and reliable partner in software and business development, says Bengt Gustavsson CEO Softhouse Consulting and Stefan Johansson CEO Softhouse Invest.

Måns Wiklander has in the past worked at InfoCare, Tacton and Tieto. He will start his position on January 7th.

For questions, please contact:

Måns Wiklander: VD Softhouse Consulting Stockholm AB
E-post: mans.wiklander@softhouse.se
Bengt Gustavsson: VD Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB
E-post: bengt.gustavsson@softhouse.se
Stefan Johansson: VD Softhouse Invest AB
E-post: stefan.johansson@softhouse.se