Welcome to Softhouse Samira!


We are glad to share that a new Chief Operations Officer (COO), Samira Nuhanović, is joining our Softhouse office in Sarajevo. Samira will be taking this role from Vernisa Rejhan – Ićindić who has, together with Himzo Musić and our delivery teams, lead the operations of the Sarajevo office the last three years.  

We at Softhouse Balkans are all about client care and satisfaction. While keeping a firm focus on continuous delivery of value to our clients, Samira brings insights and experience that will lead the organization in Bosnia forward in terms of service and process-based innovations, which we know our current and future clients will appreciate. Holding a PhD in economics, Samira has extensive experience working with young companies and start-ups including skills-building and knowledge-sharing initiatives in companies. We are sure our internal development and growth platforms will provide ample space to put Samiras expertise and knowledge to the best use of our colleagues and clients.  

Softhouse Balkans has been operating in BiH since 2015 with the infrastructure, work flows and expertise geared towards building digital businesses and providing our clients with high quality IT consultancy. The last four years have been an incredible ride for the company building and growing our team in a thriving and dynamic environment. We look forward to further strengthening of our people-focused vision in the Balkans and beyond.  

We hereby thank Vernisa Rejhan – Ićindić for the contribution to our office and look forward to the continuation of further strengthening our delivery from Sarajevo with new assets in our team.