Health check – a check on your IT security

Health control is the first of the services we offer in the collaboration between Softhouse and DinGard.

We can help you to answer this. Through our Health Check of IT security at your company, you will gain deeper knowledge of what your company should do to reduce the risk of security incidents. The health check is carried out jointly by Softhouse and DinGard.

The health check gives you an overview of the existing security level and in cases where you are aiming for a higher level of security, we give you a prioritized list of measures to get there.

The health check begins with an interview with one person from the management team and one from the operating side. This is to know in more detail about your business and how it works. Thereafter, a technical vulnerability analysis of 2-3 servers is performed, which may be a sample of the IT environment.

The result is compiled in retrospect by security specialists and is then reported both orally and in writing. The report can then be used as a discussion basis at the next meeting with the management team, when setting requirements for an operational supplier or as a priority list to work with internally.

If you are interested in knowing more do not hesitate to contact Martin Stengård at Softhouse or Peter Bayer at DinGard.